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The Dresden Files: Grave Peril

The Dresden Files: Grave Peril is the third book in the adult urban fantasy series by Jim Butcher.

To get the maximum reading enjoyment, I suggest reading these books in order – therefore reading Storm Front first and then Fool Moon.

I wouldn’t say that this review will really spoil anything from the first two books, but you can never be too careful!!!

Ghosts are going haywire lately.

Becoming more menacing, more violent and more… more… Harry has his work cut out for him lately.

Unfortunately it’s not the paying kind – it’s the moral wizard responsibility kind.

But when Harry and Michael – a knight, literally – attempt to rid yet another location of an unruly ghost, it becomes clear that someone is causing this.

Someone is stirring up trouble purposely.

And the fact that many of the victims have ties to Harry cannot be ignored…

As I’ve said before, I loved the TV show The Dresden Files – based on this book series.

I’m still not feeling as much love for the book series… yet.

I’m still hopeful that it will just come with more installments, since there are a ton of books in The Dresden Files.

I will say that I felt Grave Peril was much better than Fool MoonFool Moon, for me, was just TOO hectic and non-stop to ever just stop and enjoy the story.

Grave Peril is still more frenetic than I’d prefer, and very action-packed, but it started to grow on me. The fact that the story is full of likable characters helps!

I liked the inclusion of Michael, the knight, and more involvement of the vampires – which are WAY worse than the TV show ever had them be.

I don’t always like the male perspective in narration – for example, their seemingly natural inclination to notice the female form of nearly every woman they come in contact with. Harry is, overall, a gentleman and honorable – yet I would like less descriptions of the feminine body peppered throughout the story thankyouverymuch.

From some other reviews I’ve perused, I’ve seen this is a general area of annoyance from most of the female readers. Hopefully it lessens as the series continues.

Grave Peril, however, has some great fantasy detail and where the non-stop plot had me feeling distanced from the novel for quite some time, once I saw all the pieces come together it won me over.

In the end, I liked it more than I was starting to fear I would and I am looking forward to book four.

I would just like more of Bob, Murphy and other character staples!


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