Monday, March 17, 2014

The Dresden Files: Fool Moon

Fool Moon is the second book in the urban fantasy series The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher.

Yes, you should read the books in order. There IS a good amount of recap and reintroduction to things in Fool Moon, but I still advise you to not spoil plot twists by reading them out of order.

You’ve been warned!

Since back in spring when Harry had to find a dark wizard gone crazy, business has been dead. His fractured friendship with Murphy, one of his main sources of income when she calls him in on one of her cases, hasn’t helped any.

So, weight loss potions it is for now.

But the only professional wizard in the phone book, Harry Dresden, is called on when a series of extremely brutal, violent, gory crime scenes begin popping up on or around full moons. Odd, not-quite-right paw prints decorate the scenes.

Yep. Can you guess what Harry’s thinking?

But there seems to be a pattern to some of the deaths and Harry thinks this might not be a simple (ha!) case of werewolves.

Looks like Harry might be able to have another meal after all.

I was really quite happy with the first book in the series, Storm Front, and am (as I’ve said before) a big fan of the TV series based on these novels. For Fool Moon, however, my feelings were a little more mixed.

The werewolf murders were grim and yucky, but, ya know, that’s okay. It gives that gritty, urban, noir tone that fits The Dresden Files. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t turn my stomach a little.

Bob, oh Bob, as Harry’s skull advisor is as hilarious as ever – and, in my opinion, underused in Fool Moon. His scene was memorable, but I wanted more! Harry’s droll, good guy wizard character, just trying to make a living, is fun to follow.

For me, the best parts of Fool Moon were when we got hints of secrets, revelations and feelings of more to come when it comes to Harry’s past. Those whiffs of personal mysteries intrigued me, and often outweighed my interest in the case, which was not insubstantial. My curiosity was piqued in everything.

I just want more of that other stuff. A lot more.

Fool Moon has some amazing surprises, a complicated, intricate plot with non-stop action that sometimes overwhelmed the story for me. Sometimes it was exhausting how Harry really didn’t get a breather after the first 100 pages or so.

Yet I still really liked it! The humor, when it appears, is great. There’s super-serious stakes here, death, and extensive fight scenes. The characters, intellect, and personal life scenes left me maybe wanting more, feeling a tad lackluster, but still yearning for more, which is good. This theatrical page-turner had a lot going on.

But all those questions? I am definitely enticed to read/buy/gorge on the sequels!

My fingers are crossed that we get a good bit more quiet moments to soak in the fantastic comedic tone, fantasy elements, and excellent secondary characters (like Bob!) than Fool Moon gave us a chance to.

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