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Adventure, Murder, & Political Intrigue, Oh My!

Hi! Wow - been too long. Sorry about that! I hope you forgive me by accepting a few mini reviews of books I've been reading during my blogging absence. They're short and sweet. And I don't think any of us mind getting straight to the point, right? Here goes:

Jake Ransom and the Skull King's Shadow, by James Rollins
The concept: 13-year-old Jake Ransom's famous, archaeologist parent's disappeared years ago while on an expedition. He and his sister, Kady, aren't the closest since she's into the popular crowd and he is more often found following his parents footsteps. During a thunderstorm while they are viewing their parents artifacts in a museum, they suddenly find themselves in a different world full of multiple cultures and a bad guy called the Skull King who wants revenge on the people living there.
My reaction: Despite a few twists and ending with a decent cliffhanger, I couldn't help but feel that the novel was missing a main ingredient. Jake came …