Friday, February 20, 2015

Autumn Falls

Autumn Falls is a YA contemporary novel with a fantasy twist by Bella Thorne and Elise Allen.

After a tragedy strikes sixteen-year-old Autumn and her family, their planned move to Aventura suddenly seems less traumatic, though still terribly difficult.

Being the new girl with flaming red hair and a penchant for clumsiness, it’s not long before Autumn catches unwanted attention at her new high school.

However, she also makes friends and all would be improving if it weren’t for the fact that the uber-popular queen bee seems to have a target on Autumn’s back, due to the fact that cute, sweet Sean seems to be possibly interested in Autumn.

So, when Autumn begins to write her feelings into a journal from her late father and events begin to take place that seem eerily similar to personal wishes she’s jotting down… is it coincidence?

Or is this her chance solve all her problems?

Autumn Falls was a very quick read – and pretty entertaining!

I wouldn’t say it was terribly original – and I personally didn’t like the way Autumn even considered revenge with her “magical” journal – but it definitely entertaining.

As a fun, fluffy, easy read Autumn Falls succeeded – and I will likely read the follow-up novel. I can’t help but hope, though, that the plot trends more toward the mature or unique next time.

It actually – go figure – felt quite a bit like a Disney story, despite some older teen themes and occasional swearing.

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