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Prom Dates from Hell

Are you a fan of supernatural thrillers (with a dose of humor, that is) like Meg Cabot's "Mediator" series? How about "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"? If your answer is yes to either question (and really even if it isn't), you should check out Rosemary Clement-Moore's new book.

Her main character, Maggie Quinn, is one of those relatable characters that is a bit of an outcast, smart but not overwhelmingly in love with school, and has a razor sharp wit (think Veronica Mars) that we all wish we possessed. However, she also has another facet of her personality. She hates to admit it, but she senses something wrong about the fire and brimstone scent that seems to everywhere. She doesn't want to have a special "gift" - but she does. And when her classmates start to have, ahem, "accidents", she suspects more than mortal foul play is at works.

Every character (from her slightly off kilter friend Lisa to the hottie college student who is willin…

Sucks to Be Me

Kimberly Pauley's first novel manages to have an irresistible mix of hilarity and originality, throwing all the vampire cliches out the window and providing readers (like me) a fresh, energizing novel. Instead of the shadowy, rogue sort of vampires we usually get in literature (which there is nothing wrong with of course - I love me some hot vampires), Sucks to Be Me introduces an unfamiliar type: accountants. Not to mention the fact that there are rules and regulations and a Ministry of Magic sort of government for the blood drinking species.

Pauley's fun, entertaining novel doesn't try to compete with other types of vampire books - her's is on a different level. And the level is full of laughs! Mina is a teenager with a great sarcastic wit (but never mean spirited) who finds out that her parents weren't exactly supposed to have let her in on their immortal secret (she's known since forever), and she's suddenly faced with a decision: would she like to join …

Bewitching Season

Marissa Doyle's debut novel is an entertainng mixture of the social scene of the 1837 London season and Harry Potter esque magical mischief. Now, right there, you're already intrigued right? So was I.

The main character, Persephone, and her twin sister Penelope, both have a magical gift that must be kept under wraps since witches were burnt at the stake less than a century ago - but just because they can't make a huge fanfare out of it doesn't mean that they can't hone their skills for private use, right? Right. So they're longtime governess, Ally, does just that. Persephone is the more studious and shy, and is not in the least bit happy about her coming-out season. It means talking and dancing and (gulp!) boys. And when a childhood friend, whose quite the handsome gentleman now, returns to the fold, her nerves are even more frayed.

At first Persephone and Penelope's characters felt a little off for me. I didn't love Persy's awkwardness right away - b…


Meg Cabot's new winner is just as awesome as her other books. From the beginning she sets the tone of, Em, the main character: nice, shy, tomboyish, and awkward. Loveable? Of course she is! There's her unrequited crush on her best friend Christopher, her younger sister Frieda who lives on a different planet than her personality-wise, and the fact that she is ridiculed by her classmates. Regular, relatable Emerson Watts. Then something happens.

The novel's great twist is reminscent of Meg's Mediator series (which I adore), though it's still completely different, makes the whole book turn on its head and start dancing the tango. Perfectly.

I can't give away what happens in this twist because it would be literally causing a huge chunk of the plot to not be as exciting to you and it was to me. All I can say is: Frakktastic!!!

Once again, Meg creates a likable character in an out-of-this-world experience that still manages to be fun, hilarious, and page-turningly suspe…

Bibliophile Support Group: Mission

The mission of this support group is to provide a place of healing and understanding to those of us who are so woefully misunderstood in modern life: the booklovers. It is also a place that I intend to review books, good or bad, to my fellow booklovers.

And have some fun doing it.

So, welcome to Bibliphiles Anonymous. Let's start with honesty -

My name is MrsRonWeasley (okay, not THAT honest), and I am a bibliophile. The last time I read a book was 3 hours, 23 minutes ago (or so).