Friday, February 6, 2015


Frostfire is a contemporary fantasy by Amanda Hocking, as well as the start of the Kanin Chronicles.

As an outcast in the powerful troll tribe of Kanin, her half-breed heritage betraying Bryn with something as simple as her blonde hair, there has been one thing she has been determined to do: climb up the ladder of success as a tracker to eventually become one of the King’s Guard elite.

When a shocking attempt on her father’s life occurs during her first official tracker duty, that aim is met with another strong aspiration – to catch, and potentially kill, Konstantin, whom before the startling incident was a rising star in the King’s Guard and a secret crush of Bryn’s.

Now, four years later, Bryn and all of Kanin are rattled by the kidnapping of changelings.

And when a connection to Konstantin is made, will Bryn sacrifice one of her goals for the other?

Frostfire appears to be a spinoff of a successful prior Amanda Hocking series called the Trylle Trilogy.

I have to say that after reading Frostfire, I just may have to look into those books…

There’s a learning curve entering into the book at first – but learning about the rich, unique troll mythology is interesting and refreshingly different with a strong modern spin.

Frostfire is funny, intriguing and likable with some serious romantic heat between Bryn and her and, let’s be honest here, hottie friend and boss Ridley. Combine that with some truly titillating political dynamics and suspense and you’ve got a fast-paced page-turner!

Then Frostfire ends so SUDDENLY that I actually turned the page and stared at the blankness – confused. I thought to myself, “Is this a mistake?”

Nope, that’s just Amanda Hocking utilizing her powers for evil.

So, um, yes I want more! It’s fairly addictive – and I want to know what happens next!!

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