Friday, January 3, 2014

The Dresden Files: Storm Front

Storm Front is the first book in the adult urban fantasy series The Dresden Files by bestselling author Jim Butcher.

Harry Dresden is a wizard. He’s in the book.

No, he’s not advertising to entertain at parties or read your future.

Instead, he offers to use his powers and training to find lost items, investigate paranormal activity, and give advice. After all, the “everyday” world is actually populated with many magical, supernatural things and beings – and they don’t tend to play well with humans. Dresden helps to bridge that gap.

When the Chicago P. D. asks for his assistance with a particularly gruesome case involving what seems to be otherworldly powers – really no other explanation for it – Harry’s first thought is that this is a chance to pay his rent. Business hasn’t been so good lately. So, he agrees.

Yet this case involves some heavy black magic – and that means there’s one nasty, ballsy black mage behind it. One that apparently knows Harry’s after him – and now Harry’s life is becoming more dangerous than ever.

He’d really rather pay his rent than get killed…

Oh my gosh! I am so late to the game on this popular series!

Back in 2007, I believe it was, a TV show came on the SciFi channel (before it was SyFy) called The Dresden Files. It starred Paul Blackthorne and was based fully on this book series. It was awesome! The network didn’t think the audience size was awesome though, so sadly they cancelled it after just 13 episodes.

Episodes that I own on DVD.

Ever since seeing the show, and loving it, I’ve wanted to read the books – but I just hadn’t gotten around to it.

Well, here I am! And it was AWESOME!!!

As is to be expected, there are some differences between the show and the book. Mostly appearance-wise. Personality-wise though, they’re pretty spot on – which is pretty cool of the show, when you think about it.

Ah, humor! Droll, clever, casual references to all kinds of fantasy/paranormal things amidst the urban backdrop of Chicago. Dresden is a lovable, hilarious, but still a to-be-taken-seriously character that you just adore following.

I couldn’t help but continue to picture Paul Blackthorne as Harry. I think he might be perfect – the way he played him on screen comes across the same on the page, to me.

As I read Storm Front I was instantly drawn into this story. It’s a creepy/magicky murder with witty, smart narration and an originality I love. It’s a ton of fun - and entertaining like crazy!

We get various introduced and hinted at secondary characters from cops to faeries to Wardens of the White Council to vampires and MORE. It gives color and extra allure to this already ready-to-be-gobbled-up private detective/wizard tale.

Plus, I can’t help but like that Harry is NOT invincible. It’s refreshing. But he IS awesome. Think I might’ve mentioned that? Yeah, he is.

Finally, BOB!!! Harry’s talking skull advisor/mentor - despite him not taking corporal form in the book – at least not that we’re described – sounds exactly like the TV version. I hope for more of him! He’s hysterical in all his snooty unforgettable-ness!

Really, if you haven’t read Storm Front yet – you need to. The Dresden Files is a series I definitely want to continue!

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