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Blackfin Sky

Blackfin Sky is a YA contemporary paranormal debut novel by Kat Ellis.

Blackfin is a town where strange things happen.

People don’t blink at the abnormal and townsfolk don’t question the unexplained.

Yet when Skylar Rousseau heads into school one day and finds everyone staring at her in utter shock – due to the fact that apparently they all saw her dead and buried three months ago – she believes things have gotten a lot stranger.

Sky has no memory of dying – in fact, she remembers life as usual for the last three months.

She can’t deny, though, that she’s the only one with this perspective. Every single other person in Blackfin is astounded to see her – and for once, they are asking questions.

As Sky finds herself beginning to have odd, vivid dreams about a grimy circus in the middle of the woods, she knows that something is up. She becomes determined to find out what has happened to her.

Her need to unravel the truth about herself – it just may unravel other truths about this eccent…


Sinner is a YA paranormal contemporary companion novel to the Shiver trilogy by Maggie Stiefvater.

As a companion novel, I personally recommend that all readers of Sinner first read Shiver, Linger and Forever first. You can click on the titles to read my reviews.

I’m trusting that you’re only still reading this review as a bookworm who has previously read the prior books…

Cole St. Clair is a werewolf in L.A.

He’s going to make a new record, star in a short reality show and fan the flames of his past superstardom.

But that’s not why he’s in L.A.

He came for Isabel.

Isabel left her and Cole’s bruised, fragmented relationship mess and decided to try and make a life for herself in California.

She’s just as unhappy here as she was in Mercy Falls. It’s not working.

Cole and Isabel both have demons and could be a disaster together – yet they can’t seem to let go…

Maggie Stiefvater is one of my favorite authors now – especially after The Scorpio Races and The Raven Boys series. The Shiver t…

We Were Liars

We Were Liars is a YA contemporary suspense novel by E. Lockhart.

Wealthy. Beautiful. Distinguished.

They are the Sinclair family.

Every summer of Cady’s life has been spent on “their” private island.

Every summer has been spent with the Liars – her two cousins of close age and Gat.

Until summer fifteen changes everything.

Cady’s fractured mind cannot piece together what happened but she is left a broken shell of her former self.

She will figure out the puzzle.

She will be whole again.

Vague? Yes.

Necessarily so? Absolutely.

We Were Liars is, at its core, a mystery. But one that is rooted in secrets that reveal damaged, flawed people, as well. That rare sort of contemporary novel that packs a lot of punch in few pages.

It’s shocking, startling and disarming writing. I loved it. E. Lockhart grabbed me and pulled me along for a absorbing, hypnotic, drenched in the unknown, strangely gorgeous story.

As I read We Were Liars I felt sort of obsessed in knowing what happened in summer fifte…

Curses and Smoke: A Novel of Pompeii

Curses and Smoke: A Novel of Pompeii is a YA historical fiction novel by Vicky Alvear Shecter.

Lucia, the daughter of a man who runs a gladiator school, is being married to a man who could be her grandfather – and whose reputation is not favorable. He’ll supply her father’s school with much needed funds by receiving her hand – so she’s expected to follow the command to marry him.

Tag, recently returned from medical training, is a slave in Lucia’s household and holds secrets that have kept him alive – barely. He is not pleased to be back under the roof of such a hateful man but is determined to become a gladiator so he can try to win his freedom.

As Lucia struggles with the horror and fear of marrying someone grotesque to her, she focuses on the strange natural happenings in her lifetime home of Pompeii. The almost non-stop, gentle shaking of the land, the abnormally hot weather… it peaks her scientifically-inclined mind and chills her – though she doesn’t know why.

When she realizes T…

Since Last Summer

Since Last Summer is a companion novel to the YA contemporary Rules of Summer by Joanna Philbin.

As this is a sequel – if you’ve haven’t read Rules of Summer you’ll find yourself spoiled by this review. Do yourself a favor and read the review of the first book here and then read the book itself before this review.


After spending the previous summer as an employed errand girl for the affluent Rule household in the Hamptons, Rory now finds herself returned as a guest and girlfriend to golden son Connor.

It’s an adjustment for sure.

Rory and Connor have spent a year dating now – mostly long distance – and she’s looking forward to spending time with him and taking full advantage of her internship at a film festival in the meantime.

Isabel Rule is returning home to the Hamptons after a school year away – and a purposeful dry spell with guys. Following the disastrous aftermath of her passionate relationship with sexy surfer Mike, Isabel is finally ready to step a toe in the water of …

In Perfect Time

In Perfect Time is the third WWII novel in the Wings of the Nightingale trilogy by Sarah Sundin.

Though each novel depicts a story featuring different characters, the characters overlap from book to book. For example, you’re introduced to Kay, the main character in In Perfect Time, in the first book and all the characters we met in the first book are still shown in this final novel.

Because of this, I definitely recommend reading the three books in order for maximum enjoyment. First there’s With Every Letter, then On Distant Shoes and THEN you can read In Perfect Time.


Okay then!

Gorgeous, red-headed bombshell flight nurse Lt. Kay Jobson doesn’t hide her penchant for a good time with a boy on every shore. She makes it clear from the get-go that she has a lineup of boyfriends and likes it that way.

So, when she meets handsome, prank prone pilot Lt. Roger Cooper and he resists her to-date irresistible charms, why does it bug her? Doesn’t she have enough men lining up for her atte…


Allegiant is a YA dystopian sci-fi novel and the third in the Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth.

You know the drill bibliophiles, don’t read this review unless you’ve already read Divergent and Insurgent. Understood?

Final warning…

Now that Tris has made the message her mother was protecting known to the factions and factionless alike - risking her life, her relationships and her strength in doing so – she now has to face what it means.

Her way of life – the way of life of everyone she’s ever known – has been put into question. Are they all part of an experiment? Have they just been preparing Divergent to save the world??

With the loss of their core understanding, Tris, Tobias and others decide to venture outside of the limits they’ve never passed as the environment around them is shattering anyway. They want to find purpose again…

What’s beyond the limits only creates more uncertainty, however. Tris and the others find themselves faced with truths they do not want to hear and a rea…


Insurgent is a YA dystopian novel, the second in the Divergent trilogy, by Veronica Roth.

If you have not read Divergent – this review will have spoilers for that first book – I strongly advise not reading this review until you’ve read Divergent.

Understood? UNDERSTOOD?!?!?

Okay, I’m trusting only readers of Divergent are continuing on now…

Initiation Day in the Dauntless faction should have been one of joy for Tris – she had finally cemented her place in Dauntless, no longer in fear of becoming factionless - and finding her place among the courageous, free Dauntless is what she’s wanted for so long.

Instead, it became a living nightmare.

Tris, as a Divergent, was one of the few “awake” Dauntless while she witnessed her faction put under a forced simulation that caused her friends to become murderers – and an entire faction to be wiped out.

When the morning comes, the horror is not over – and the remnants of what Tris had to do haunting her mind and hurting her resolve. War now looms…


Divergent is a YA dystopian thriller and the first in a trilogy written by Veronica Roth - as you probably well know.

Yes, yes. I know word has been out on these books for a while – but cut a girl some slack! There are too many books and too little time, people!!

In a futuristic Chicago, society has been split into factions that define your outlook, beliefs and the loyalties that will define you forever. These factions were originally established to create a peaceful life and to right the wrongs done in the past.

At a predetermined time every year, that year’s sixteen year olds have to choose – choose the faction that they will spend their life in.

It’s a choice that separates family and friends and defines who you are.

When Beatrice makes her choice, it will transform her…

Okay, I did not give away much AT ALL. Because if you, like me, haven’t read it until now the less you know the better!

Because: Divergent is AWESOME.

Immediately Veronica Roth presents an enthralling world with …

Meant to Be

Meant to Be is a contemporary YA novel by Lauren Morrill.

Straight-A high school junior Julia has marked her guidebooks and re-read the travel itinerary multiple times – she is ready for this Spring Break school trip to London!

As a literature lover, this is the perfect place for her to go. She’s ready to soak up the history and read Pride & Prejudice for the umpteenth time in a perfect London spot, meanwhile daydreaming about her MTB (Meant to Be) Mark back home, who has yet to really notice her.

However, it’s not long after they get to their destination that she finds out all students have to have a partner – a travel buddy that must be with them at all times outside of the place they’re staying.

And Julia’s happens to be her personal nemesis, class clown and attention-seeker extraordinaire Jason. He tends to bring her accident-prone life into the limelight, which she hates. She much prefers to be under the radar.

Of course, the very first night they’re partnered Jason pulls he…