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The Night Circus

The Night Circus is a historical fantasy romance by Erin Morgenstern.

When Prospero the Enchanter is presented in 1873 with a surprise, young daughter – possessing natural magical ability that is as of yet untrained – he sees a perfect opportunity for a new game.

Reaching out another enigmatic man, they agree to terms and the competition selects a young orphan boy as his participator in the game.

The two children grow up knowing very little of what the game means – no rules or clear instruction is given – and their preparation of their magical skills are very different. They do not even know who their opposition is.

Then comes the venue: the night circus.

A stunning, black-and-white feat of the imagination, the adult Celia and Marco are placed in their prospective positions – with still no understanding of what is expected of them.

Yet it is a dark game – a game in which only one of the two can be left standing. They do not know this.

But as Celia and Marco begin to fall in love, the devastating results affect not only them – but everyone who cares about or is involved in the circus…

What a pitiful synopsis of such an exquisite book!

I had been waiting to read The Night Circus for what felt like forever!

There is a lot of hype surrounding it – which can be worrisome.

Yet, here, it did not hurt the novel at all – in my opinion.

Instantly, The Night Circus is mesmerizing and hypnotic – the phenomenal writing style bringing about a tone that is disturbing, ethereal, gorgeous and extremely visual. It is imaginative and transporatative – pulling us into this era, this place of magic and secrets, of love and hope.

Erin Morgenstern created a novel that is long-ranging and patient – skipping back and forth in time, piecing together a complex narrative that is consistently lovely, intriguing and suspenseful. Beginning with the two main characters childhood, she got me invested very quickly – and that never changed.

The Night Circus
has an epic, breathtaking slow build that sweeps from euphoria to heartbreak to horror. I was very apprehensive to find out how it would all end!

That, of course, will not be revealed here.

But – wow – what a book!!!

Extremely satisfied and looking forward to re-reading!!!


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