Friday, February 27, 2015


Stardust is an adult fairytale by Neil Gaiman.

When the beautiful, unattainable Victoria states that the only thing Tristran Thorne could do to win her hand would be to bring her the star they watched falling from the sky – Tristran is determined to do it.

However, this means venturing beyond the relative normalcy of their village Wall and slipping into the unexplored, magical faerie land outside it.

Past the ancient wall that has guarded their town from the oddities and dangers of the enchanted realm, Tristran must keep his head as adventures and perils meet him that he could never have imagined…

was my first Neil Gaiman book!

I’ve heard of Neil Gaiman forever – and being a lover of quirky, clever books I thought it was about time I tried him out.

I have to say – Stardust was a bloody, unique, adventurous adult fairytale that was quite interesting and very good. I wouldn’t say it was as FANTASTIC as I expected – but that could be partially because of my high expectations.

For example, I wasn’t terribly invested in Tristran – not to say I didn’t like him, I did.

However, Stardust was very enjoyable with a fresh twist and prose that swept you away to what felt like a fully realized faerie world.

I fully enjoyed Stardust with its romance, danger, creepy villains, inventive creatures and character advancement.

A good first foray into Neil Gaiman’s works, I would say. I also have a copy of his middle grade novel Coraline – which I’ll get to one of these days.

I am most certainly charmed enough in Gaiman’s writing style to read more – and possibly fall in love with time.

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