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Werelove = YA Paranormal Contest!!!

Now that my CSN contest is coming to a close (you still have until 11:59PM PST to enter today), I am here to offer you another chance to WIN something awesome! :)

Author Lakisha Spletzer (to find out more about her and her books go here: has so kindly offered me a chance to have a giveaway on this blog for all you bibliophiles!

There will be THREE winners!!! And there are THREE different prizes that will be awarded. What are they?

1. A print copy of Lakisha's YA paranormal/sci-fi book Werelove: Dusk Conspiracy
2. An e-book version of Werelove: Dusk Conspiracy
3. A T-shirt with a Werelove logo and quote, which you can see here

As someone who has just finished reading Werelove: Dusk Conspiracy I can assure you that you will never be bored and that it is a fun, fast-paced read! (For more on the book read my review in the next few weeks when it posts, or click here to look at it on the page.)

And that's not all! (I totally sound like a game show host, don't I? Lol.)

EVERY person who enters the contest will receive a discount code for Werelove: Dusk Conspiracy to buy their own copy if they don't win!!!! Is Lakisha generous, or what?!

So what do you have to do, you ask?

Simply comment on this post between now and September 10th 11:59PM PST with your email and where you spread the word about this contest - either on your own blog, Facebook, Twitter, a forum somewhere, etc. Now, as someone who has a very outdated browser and knows how it is to not be able to get much done on the internet - if you have a legitmate reason why you can't spread the word, let me know and I will still let ya enter. ALSO, let me know in your comment if you have the ability to read an e-book. I will only draw people for that prize if they have the capability to enjoy it! :)

Okay - start entering!!!

P.S. If you entered the CSN contest, I will randomly pick a winner on or about Monday, August 23rd and notify the winner - so keep an eye out in your email inbox!


ladybirdrobi said…
I would love a chance to win. After leaving this comment I will post a link to this contest page on my facebook wall. You can check to see if I did by going to If I knew how to make tiny urls I would tweet this too.

Have a nice day.
Jo Ann said…
WOW! What a contest! The prizes are great. Thanks for the excerpt.
kimmyl said…
I would love to enter to win. I posted on my facebook page.!/home.php?sk=lf

kimmie lange
debb said…
I would love to win this but the only way I can tell about this is to my family and friends. My computer is so old and slow it won't post much of anything but I still love this contest.
Debby Ct
Venus said…
Cool contest -- the book sounds great. I've spread the word to family friends and on my chat groups and facebook :-)
*yadkny* said…
That's very generous of Lakisha! I've been seeing some really great reviews of her book:) Unfortunately I can't help spread the word *yet* because I'm just starting a blog of my very own, but I'm still working on the layout. I will spread the word to all my G.R. friends:)
(I do have the capability to read an ebook)
Lakisha said…
I wanted to thank BSG ;) for hosting this contest.

I want to thank everyone that has stopped by so far and who is spreading the one (online and offline).

Writing this novel was fun and very intense but I'm pleased with the end result. Book 2 is in the works :)
DeanY said…
fantastic and looking forward to reading the book after the excerpt.
stacey said…
this is the first I have herd of this book and it sound great.I would love for the chance to win it.
I blog about this on my myspace blog here is a link to my myspace page

Angie L said…
So happy to see so many people showing up and spreading the word! :)

And Debby - I *so* know what you mean about having a slow PC!!! No worries! You are entered and in the running! ;)

I just want to remind everybody to post their email in their comment (or have an email available in their blogger profile) if they want to be entered!

Thanks again! Keep 'em coming!
xollinzolox said…
I would love to win, but I cannot read an ebook.

Jennifer Mathis said…
I tweeted here
Hi. I love the cover and i have an ereader. I posted this on Facebook!/group.php?gid=116958684997453

Thanks for the contest!!!

hotcha12 said…

Amanda said…
I have the capability to read an ebook.

i shared the contest here:!/profile.php?id=1157010199
Lakisha said…
Wow! I am truly humbled by the response to my novel. It took 9 months to write the first draft and a little over a year to get it published.

I've been reading YA for almost two years now and I love the stories they have out there, especially in the genres of sci-fi, fantasy and paranormal. And in a time when so many novels for adults disappoint, YA books were a true breath of fresh air.

If you want to be kept up to date on any of my work, you can find me on

My website & newsletter:


Twitter: @kishazworld


I'm working on book 2 now of this series and the characters are growing more complex.

Once again, thanks for stopping by and entering this contest.

Lakisha Spletzer
Laina said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Laina said…
Let's try this again... I can't read ebooks, it kills my eyes. Sorry!!

I linked here:
This is a fun contest.

Charmanderx said…
I posted on facebook & twitter..
I have e-book capabilities. :) Adobe reader ftw. :P
donnas said…
Sounds really good. Thanks for the chance!

Linked -
sidebar -
tweet -

While I can read ebooks on the computer I try not to because I already work on one all day, so please dont include me for the ebook. Maybe someday!

bacchus76 at myself dot com
hotcha12 said…
Angie L said…
Hey hotcha12!

You may not have, but I hope you received your discount codes!

I've experienced a lot of technical difficulties and mistakes with the end result of this contest, and I want to say I'm sorry for all the different codes and mass emails I ended up sending out!

I appreciate you all participating, and I hope you're all excited to have found out about another great YA novel: Werelove Dusk Conspiracy! :)

-Angie L

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