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Blast from the Past

Blast from the Past is Meg Cabot's sixth Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls book, her middlegrade series.

Every time there is a school field trip, something happens so that Allie can't go. So when she finds out her fourth grade class will be having one, she's determined to be there! Sure, the destination isn't as exciting as the truly incomparable Children's Museum she missed in the past - but Honeypot Prairie and their historic one room school house is better than no field trip at all! But Allie's eagerness quickly disintegrates when she finds out that her class won't be going alone, but will be sharing the trip with Allie's old Walnut Knolls fourth grade class - which includes her ex-best friend Mary Kay.

I know that a lot of teens and older readers don't usually have a strong desire to read middlegrade books - especially when the main character is only in fourth grade - but I have to urge any fan of comedic books, or Meg Cabot in general, to rethin…

The Shadowmask

The Shadowmask is the second novel in the Stone of Tymora trilogy, authored by R. A. and Geno Salvatore.

Inevitably, this review will give away plot details of The Stowaway, the first book in the trilogy. So, if you haven't read The Stowaway please don't spoil it for yourself by reading this review. My review of The Stowaway is right below this one - read that instead. You only get to read a book for the first time once. Don't ruin it by reading any further! ;)

Okay - here goes: Maimun is suddenly without the very thing that seemed to be causing all his problems and heartaches - the stone. Yet, it feels so horribly wrong to be without it. He can't help but be determined to retrieve what is, apparently, rightfully his. But first, Maimun has to get away from Asbeel, who has tracked him down yet again and isn't any more happy about the stone's theft than Maimun is.

I'm not going to give away any more than that. I can't, without ruining big bits of the cliffha…

Werelove = YA Paranormal Contest!!!

Now that my CSN contest is coming to a close (you still have until 11:59PM PST to enter today), I am here to offer you another chance to WIN something awesome! :)

Author Lakisha Spletzer (to find out more about her and her books go here: has so kindly offered me a chance to have a giveaway on this blog for all you bibliophiles!

There will be THREE winners!!! And there are THREE different prizes that will be awarded. What are they?

1. A print copy of Lakisha's YA paranormal/sci-fi book Werelove: Dusk Conspiracy
2. An e-book version of Werelove: Dusk Conspiracy
3. A T-shirt with a Werelove logo and quote, which you can see here

As someone who has just finished reading Werelove: Dusk Conspiracy I can assure you that you will never be bored and that it is a fun, fast-paced read! (For more on the book read my review in the next few weeks when it posts, or click here to look at it on the page.)

And that's not all! (I totally sound like a game show host, don&…

The Stowaway

The Stowaway is the first young adult/middlegrade book in the fantasy trilogy Stone of Tymora, written by the best-selling father and son team R. A. and Geno Salvatore.

In it, we meet a 12 year old boy that has been tracked by the demon Asbeel his whole life - and he doesn't even know why. And when circumstances leave him fending for himself, he ends up a stowaway on the Sea Sprite, a ship holding, among its varied passengers, the unusual elf Drizzt Do'Urden. As he tries desperately to get as far away from Asbeel, sailing down the coast of the Sea of Swords proves itself dangerous as well. But foremost on his mind is the mystery of why he is orphaned and alone - and incessantly hunted.

At first The Stowaway looks to be a heavy duty fantasy fiction novel - filled with so many different creatures and places your brain feels fuzzy trying to keep it all straight. But if, as I quickly learned, you allow yourself to really sink your teeth into it, The Stowaway sweeps you away into a w…

Tyger Tyger

Tyger Tyger, written by Kersten Hamilton, is the first book in the brand new (not coming out until November) YA trilogy called Goblin Wars.

Whoo-boy. I'm giving all you book addicts out there fair warning - you are going to be feeling a lot of book love in this review. And I mean, a LOT. Those of you "occasional" readers might not be aware of how intense book love can be. Well - here's an example.

I looooooooooooovedTyger Tyger - and officially want it to be as a big of a hit as Twilight!!! I feel it appeals to the same readership, plus extras who enjoy the more mythology-based sort of fantasy/paranormal YA fiction - which is where Tyger Tyger would fit in. It deserves heaps of sales and tons of notice - because it is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, you'd like to know what the book is about? Fine, fine. I'll stop gushing for a second and give you a little synopsis.

Main character Teagan has a great job and a bright future. She's ignored boys to the best of her abil… $50 Giveaway!

So, when graciously offered me a chance to do a contest on the Bibliophile Support Group I could not help but accept... because one of you will win a $50 promotional code for ANY product on ANY of their numerous sites, including but not limited to:,,,,, and You could use it toward a le creuset cookware item, Christmas gifts for family and friends, or the ever so necessary bibliophile need: a bookcase!!!!!

In order to be in the running for this awesome giveaway, just comment below from today, August 6th, until two weeks from now, August 20th 11:59PM PST, with your email AND browse one or more of the aforementioned websites and answer this question in your entry comment: What do you think you'd use the $50 towards?

You don't have to buy whatever you say in your comment if you're the winner, of course. I'm just curious! :)

And if you …

Monster Slayers

Monster Slayers, written by Lukas Ritter, is a companion novel to A Practical Guide to Monsters.

My synopsis of this YA fantasy-adventure novel will be less telling as the back cover summary. The reason? Because I didn't read it before I read Monster Slayers and got some surprises that I wasn't expecting, some of which I feel were given away (or hinted at) on the back. So my suggestion is for you not to read the back cover either and instead just start devouring this thrilling, diverting read!

Here goes: Evin longs to be a hero of myth and legend - to battle monsters and seek different lands. He's shared this dream with his brother and best friend Jorick - yet remains stuck in his small village. But right when he decides that he is going to leave and seek out the chance to be daring and courageous, the opportunity meets him first. Tragedy strikes Evin's village and all the residents of his town are snatched away right before his eyes by terrifying monsters. Now, he and J…