Monday, February 2, 2015

The Season

The Season is a YA Regency-era romantic mystery by Sarah MacLean.

It is time for seventeen-year-old Lady Alexandra Stafford’s first season – and she is not pleased about it.

Less than thrilled about dress fittings, balls and the generally encouraged feminine pursuits, Alex’s opinionated independence sets her apart.

And she is not in the slightest bit interested in finding a husband.

However, she and her close friends Ella and Vivi are thrust into the London season and manage to keep each other amused enough to prevent from being bored to death by the safe, respectable suitors being pressed upon them.

Yet behind the scenes of the glamorous gowns, dances and dinner parties, there is espionage and murder occurring.

Unintentionally finding themselves caught up in the intrigue, Alex, Ella and Vivi find their season turning far more interesting – and dangerous.

And most unexpectedly yet – perhaps some true romance is around the corner also…

The Season was a fun read!

It’s not Jane Austen – but it’s also not the type of cringe-worthy attempts at being Jane Austen that I’ve seen before.

This is a light, entertaining, diverting novel that mixes in a decent setting of the Regency era, Regency gowns and customs with some, at times, quite good dialogue - and then mixes in some mystery!

Not a combination I can complain about!

The Season was a fast, easy read that had a likable romance, likable characters and a vibe of appreciate for the period.

Was it a book I’m going to jump up and down about? Not really.

Did I think it was spectacular literature or incredibly unique? No.

But The Season did exactly what it meant to do – provided a frothy, pleasant distraction with a few relatively decent twists.

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