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Lock and Key

Lock and Key is yet another novel by the supercalafragilisticexpialadosis author, Sarah Dessen.

This story revolves around Ruby, a high school senior who has been abandoned by her alcoholic mother and brought to live with her sister Cora, who has become pretty well off with her husband, Jamie. Things aren’t real hunky-dory since Ruby knows Cora doesn’t want her around any more than she wants to be there – Ruby learned one valuable lesson from her mother: Never rely on anyone but yourself. But before she has the chance to take off, she meets the nice, cute boy next door, Nate. And before she knows it she’s starting to enjoy the more stable life Cora and Jamie offer her, and Ruby begins to realize that some things she knows to be fact… aren’t. Yet as she comes to see things more clearly and starts to deal with her childhood, her friendship with Nate begins to strain. He seems unable to let her in to his life. Ruby wonders what could be keeping him so distant.

I love Sarah Dessen. Her book…

Contest at Book Divas!!!

Hi Fellow Bibliophiles!!!

Special post here to let ya know that there's an awesome contest going on for a SHORT time at that's giving away Advance Screening Tickets to the new Miley Cyrus movie: The Last Song! This is based off a Nicholas Sparks book (so, it's probably darn good!).

So head on over to FAST!

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Sea Change

Sea Change is a YA fantasy romance by Aimee Friedman, best-selling author of a couple of the SimonPulse romantic comedies, among other books.

The most bare-bones, spoiler-free summary I can give you is thus: Seventeen year old Miranda is suddenly ferried to Selkie Island when her estranged grandmother dies and leaves her mother a manor. Miranda postpones her summer internship and comes to help her mom pack everything up and try to sell the place. But before much packing is done, Miranda realizes there’s a lot more to her Mom’s past on Selkie Island – that there are secrets here that have been long kept and an magnetism about the place that seems to change her Mom’s behavior… and maybe even her own. When she meets a mysterious (not to mention hot) guy, Miranda finds her science-driven, reality-focused mind begin to go a bit cloudy.

First off, I want to say that I really, really liked it. And here’s why: Miranda is a very relatable main character, she’s not fighting off boys, she doesn’t …


Mieradome is a new, upcoming YA fantasy e-book by Kate Hegarty.

In it, Amavia, a fifteen-year-old girl, and her two brothers Inocian and Thewlis end up pulled into a faery world called Mieradome where friends may be foes and a desperate grab for the crown of the faery world by various competing royal families is dangerous. Not soon after being enchanted and mesmerized by the beauty of the place does Amavia realize that she may have ties to Mieradome – mystery and secrets surrounds her.

One thing was quite clear to me as I read Mieradome – Kate Hegarty has spent a lot of time fleshing out this faery world and inhabiting it with all sorts of different races of faery, different cities with distinct environments, royal families with detailed lineage, and exhaustive background for all of the above. It felt like a labor of love, which was charming.

I will say that it took a good, if small, period of time for me to really connect to any of the characters – but I did soon enough. Details of Mier…

Glitter Girls and the Great Fake Out

Glitter Girls and the Great Fake Out is Meg Cabot’s fifth outing in the Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls series and perhaps the best yet.

This time, Allie is mesmerized by Erica’s older sister Missy’s coming-up regional Twirltacular baton competition. She and her best friends are desperate to attend and support Missy and her low self-esteem (at least they think that’s why she’s so mean).

But Allie finds out her Mom has already agreed to have Allie attend the horrible Brittany Hauser’s birthday party. She nearly throws up at the idea… until she finds out that the birthday party includes a trip to the legendary dream store Glitterati, where the girls’ can get dressed up and fashion pics taken of them. Allie’s always dreamed of going.

So… what does she do?

That’s what the reading part is for – so don’t look to me to tell you how it turns out! But I’ll admit this… it’s awesome! ;)

How does Meg Cabot make every book so insanely funny? The 4th grade voice of Allie just seems to give her even more …


Birthmarked is the first YA novel for author Caragh M. O’Brien. It’s also one of the those books that will be very hard for me to summariaze for you, because it was so desperately good and so full of twists that I’m afraid of giving anything, even the teeniest thing, away and spoiling it for you!!! We Bibliophiles have to help each other out and make sure our personal reading experience is undefiled by any “spoiling”!

So first I will give a very basic, dry bones sort of description to whet your appetite.

Here goes: Birthmarked is a stunning sci-fi YA that breaks your heart, takes your breath away, and keeps you turning pages long into the night. It’s main character, sixteen-year-old Gaia, is amazingly believable and relatable, and strong, yet sweet. Birthmarked is a story about a horrifying dystopia, and entertains and thrills constantly.

Okay, what do you think? No details about the plot – no real analysis of any kind. I strongly suggest that if this is your kind of book and you’re intr…