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Scarlett Undercover

Scarlett Undercover is a YA contemporary mystery by Jennifer Latham.

Independent, shrewd fifteen year old Scarlett finished high school two years early and now spends her time as a private investigator.

When she agrees to investigate the concerns of a little girl after her older brother seems to be “off” following a friend’s suicide – she doesn’t expect it to be a long investigation, more of a feel good case for a kid.

Yet when it becomes clear the suicide may have actually been murder, Scarlett finds herself getting entangled in a world of cults, curses and secrets that may tie into her own family tragedy…

Scarlett Undercover
is trying to be a lot of things.

It is trying to be diverse, by bringing a biracial, non-traditional Muslim main character into the limelight. It is trying to be clever and sassy, with a Veronica Mars angle with the teenage detective plot and droll protagonist dealing with a personal, unsolved crime. It’s trying to be slyly supernatural in a magical realism w…

A Worthy Heart

Book Spotlight: Rarity from the Hollow

Happy Wednesday, Book Loving Fiends!
Once again I am featuring a Book Spotlight on a novel I have not yet read but we should all take a looksie at. Here ya go!