Monday, June 30, 2014

The Cracks in the Kingdom

The Cracks in the Kingdom is a YA contemporary fantasy and the second novel in the Colors of Madeline books by Jaclyn Moriarty.

These books are just too fantastic to muddle up by reading out of order! Definitely read A Corner of White first and only proceed with this review if you have already done so!


At the conclusion of A Corner of White we found out that in the Kingdom of Cello dimwitted teenage Princess Ko might not actually be as dimwitted as she’s led everyone to believe – that instead she’s been pretending the rest of the royal family hadn’t disappeared without a trace a year ago and has been running the government all by herself, secretly, in the meantime.

Outwardly running a Royal Youth Alliance as a cheerful publicity stunt, Princess Ko has roped Elliot into her scheme to find her family – and her strong belief that they were taken to the World.

Though Elliot really just wants to look for his own missing father, he’s essentially forced to help Princess Ko – as she knows that he has been corresponding with a girl from the World – Madeline – via a small crack back at The Farms, which he never reported. This is a crime punishable by death.

So, Elliot and two other teens – each with surprising hidden talents – begin to try to solve what appears to be an unsolvable case with almost no idea where to start.

The stakes are higher than ever – and Elliot’s tie to Madeline becomes vital in more ways than one…

Oh my, my, my!!!

Jaclyn Moriarty – do you WANT me to be desperately in love with you?!? Because it’s working!!!

Yet again, I am astounded by just how extraordinarily refreshing Jaclyn’s novels are!

The Cracks in the Kingdom is ticklingly funny (I literally laughed out loud multiple times), searingly touching, fascinatingly different and startlingly original – I absolutely LOVE The Cracks in the Kingdom!!!

The Colors of Madeline books are turning out to be tremendously exciting and thrilling – with emotional depth, three-dimensional characters and delightful quirkiness that makes you wonder just how Moriarty manages to pull it all off – and pull it off so remarkably well!

There’s something so NEW in Moriarty’s writing, it intoxicates me!

The Cracks in the Kingdom progresses the plot of A Corner of White in unexpected, wonderful ways – advancing the fantasy element and spending more time, it seems, in the Kingdom of Cello. We get a phenomenal, suspenseful story, lots of fun, and characters that just settle in and matter to you as the reader.

It is unpredictably moving, has startling anguish and deep, deep sadness. It’s truly a stunning, remarkable, brilliant, memorable novel!!!

I cannot wait for book three.

Neither will you, I bet!

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