Friday, June 20, 2014

Secrets and Lies

Secrets and Lies is the second book in the YA thriller trilogy Truth or Dare by Jacqueline Green.

As a page-turner trilogy, these books are full of twists – so you definitely need to read the first book, Truth or Dare, first.

Please don’t spoil yourself by reading this review of the second book, Secrets and Lies, beforehand!

Final warning…

It’s been a month since the disastrous boat crash claimed two lives in an accidental drowning, adding to the list of teens who’ve died off the rocky coast of Echo Bay.

Tenley, Sydney and Emerson know the truth, however.

There was nothing accidental about those deaths.

The twisted truth or dare game that had blackmailed the girls into doing unspeakable things seems to be over. It should be – since the perpetrator died with her murder victim.

Yet it is starting again…

Tenley, Sydney and Emerson are determined to not be caught up in the perverse game a second time but find that they can’t refuse. Their lives are in danger yet again – and apparently the deaths on Echo Bay did not quench the darer’s bloodlust.

Someone is still out there – someone is still daring them…

Truth or Dare was a fun, suspenseful Pretty Little Liars kind of book – though with a bit more substance, I felt.

Secrets and Lies is a great follow-up – continuing the trend of being fast-paced, juicy, creepy and gripping. Yet again Jacqueline Green manages to make these very different characters likable and sympathetic without things getting TOO ridiculous.

Plus you get a little romance, thrills, danger and horror thrown in the mix. Sadly, the most innocent of all is a victim in Secrets and Lies – you’ll know what I mean when you read it.

With Red Herrings, excitement and plenty of opportunities to form your own theories, Secrets and Lies is a lot of fun! There were a couple times it was a tad predictable – but not enough to ruin the overall entertainment factor.

I’ve got my theory and I’m sticking to it! For now, anyway.

I’ll definitely be reading the final book to come out in 2015 – argh – called Lost and Found!

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