Friday, June 27, 2014

Bad Luck Girl

Bad Luck Girl is the third novel in the YA historical fantasy American Fairy Trilogy by Sarah Zettel.

To get the full impact of the story, and not spoil the fun, you’ll want to make sure and read the trilogy in order. The first book is Dust Girl and the second is Golden Girl – click on the titles to read my reviews.

I trust only those who have read the first two books are continuing to read…

Callie LeRoux, half human and half fairy, finally has her family together.

Having rescued her mother and father, who she’s never met until now and who is a prince of the Unseelie court, from their enemies – things should be peaceful and happy now, right?

Not at all.

Now she, her family and her best friend Jack must run for their lives.

The war between the Midnight Throne and the Sunlit Kingdoms is brewing and reaching an apex – and Callie, and the prophecy she embodies, is at the center of it. She is more pursued than ever – and all of those around her are in jeopardy.

Despite the prophecy, Callie doubts that she save anyone.

After all, her nickname among the fairies is Bad Luck Girl.

That’s proven true so far…

The American Fairy Trilogy has been an terrific read – taking an awesome perspective of Depression-era America in 1935 and spanning across the Dust Bowl to Hollywood and now to Chicago. Mixing just the right amount of historical detail with a fresh fairy fantasy plot creates an original, enjoyable, very readable story!!!

Bad Luck Girl
keeps up that trend!

It’s suspenseful and nerve-wracking with a sense of real danger. One of my favorite things about this trilogy is how disturbing the fairies can be – and the various other fantasy creatures involved – and the psychological impact or their influence. It can be quite chilling!

Bad Luck Girl made me smile, made me sad, made me scared – it kept me invested in this excellently drawn cast of characters and this overarching plot.

Sarah Zettel has created a unique, fully-realized fantasy realm and imagined distinctive beings to populate it. These books offer one of the more fleshed-out, better written fairy stories, for sure!

I felt that Bad Luck Girl was a great finale, making the American Fairy Trilogy a wonderful one and making me ready to keep an eye out for more Sarah Zettel!!!

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