Monday, June 16, 2014

Beautiful Chaos

Beautiful Chaos is the third novel in the Caster Chronicles/Beautiful Creatures YA supernatural contemporary series by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl.

You know that if you haven’t read the first two books, Beautiful Creatures and Beautiful Darkness, that this review will inevitably cause some spoilers for you – so DON’T READ THIS REVIEW.

If, however, you HAVE read the first two books – proceed.

Final warning…

Now that Ethan, Lena, Ridley and Link are all returned to Gatlin and out of the Tunnels, things are different.

Of course there’s the very big change of Link now being a quarter Incubus – and much more appealing to the ladies – if not the only one he truly wants.

But there are a lot of other changes…

Such as swarms of black locusts, extreme heat, terrible, localized storms and a sense of unease. A feeling that things just aren’t right.

Many of the small population of Gatlin, with their mix of religion and superstition, are ready to call this time the End of Days.

Ethan is starting to worry that may not be too far off.

After all, even the Caster’s are being affected by the chaos.

It seems everything is pointing to Lena’s claiming of both Light and Dark – and how that has thrown the Order of Things off balance.

And it’s getting worse…

I have to say, I’m quite taken with the cast of characters in the series at this point. Beautiful Chaos happily puts them all front in center. There’s enough character development and quiet, thoughtful moments in Beautiful Chaos (and the two prior books) to really come to care for them, which to me is very important.

The results of Lena’s out-of-the-ordinary claiming are creepy and absorbing, essentially making Gatlin a horror show. Then, without going into details that will spoil the progression of the plot, there’s a lot of worrisome stuff going on with Ethan. There’s a slow building, nerve wracking suspense in this.

To me, it seems like the series is getting better and better with each book. I feel like I am seeing more layers of the Caster world and the plots keep building upon each other to become rather epic.

I can’t say I didn’t kind of see the big twist at the end of Beautiful Chaos, but it was peppered generously with surprising revelations and intense, touching moments.

The end of Beautiful Chaos left me wondering what on earth is going to happen in the final book. Beautiful Redemption. I’m really quite intrigued…

Also, since I had the paperback version of Beautiful Chaos, it featured a short story at the end that took place immediately before the third book called Dream Dark. It’s brief, but a great little novella about Link’s realization that he was no longer mortal. Good extra pages of reading.

Now, I’m going to go make sure I don’t have to wait long to read Beautiful Redemption thankyouverymuch.

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