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Beautiful Darkness

Beautiful Darkness is the second book in the YA Southern supernatural Caster Chronicles series by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl.

As I said when I reviewed Beautiful Creatures, I know I’m a bit late to the party on these books – but I’m sure I’m not the only one! Therefore, if you haven’t read the first book in the series, avoid this review of Beautiful Darkness like the plague!!!

Spoilers are NOT your friend!!!

I trust only those who have read Beautiful Creatures are still reading…

Ethan Wate’s life in small Southern town Gatlin, South Carolina has always been quiet, never changing.

With the arrival of beautiful, mysterious Lena Duchannes that was all turned upside down.

He now knows there is a whole secret world that has been hidden in plain sight all this time. A world of magic, of Casters, of secrets.

Gatlin is not nearly as boring as he thought.

Right now, though, Ethan and Lena are still reeling from the tragedies of her birthday – the loss that is now haunting Lena.

And she’s starting to pull away from Ethan.

Concerned over what this might mean to Lena and her Claiming, he tries to piece together information that he’s getting from vivid visions and risks the dangers of the underground passageways of the tunnels.

After all, now that he knows about the darker side of Gatlin, he can’t go back…

Okay, so I really liked Beautiful Creatures but – you know what? – I liked Beautiful Darkness even more!

First off, as I entered into book two I was very hopeful I’d get a more clear understanding of the Caster mythology. For me, clarity was missing in Beautiful Creatures – or maybe I was extra tired while reading those paragraphs, ha!

Anywho, I knew I needed a better grasp of the magical/paranormal goings-on.

Happily, Beautiful Darkness did that for me! The world of Casters began to feel large and full of undiscovered revelations, just how I like it!

As with the first book, Beautiful Darkness has a leisurely paced Southern drawl to it – atmospheric and mournful as we are made upset by Lena’s changes.

All the tension and uncertainty was causing me some serious suspense. I really enjoyed it, and became more and more glad that I purchased all of the remaining three books in the series after reading Beautiful Creatures!

There’s a captivating darkness and compelling sensitivity in the novel. At times I saw startling similarities to Harry Potter or Twilight, yet somehow it manages to be its own original story.

Don’t even try to get me to explain that one.

I really like the characters and the male perspective in a supernatural romance.

As I said, to me, Beautiful Darkness was even better than Beautiful Creatures!

If you’re also late to join this bandwagon, bibliophile – join it with me!


Krystianna said…
I read Beautiful Creatures back when the movie came out and I really enjoyed it. I actually own the entire series though I haven't read them yet. Because of your review I just may have to read them soon! Thanks for sharing, glad to see you enjoyed the second book even more than the first! :)
Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

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