Monday, May 26, 2014

A Corner of White

A Corner of White is a YA contemporary mashed with fantasy by Jaclyn Moriarty, it’s also the first book in The Colors of Madeline trilogy.

Since leaving their ritzy life behind for Cambridge, Madeline and her mother have barely gotten by with a single sewing machine and beans nearly every night.

Sometimes Madeline really wonders why she ran away from that life.

So do her friends.

Truly, it’s all very mysterious and pretty hard to believe.

Meanwhile, in the Kingdom of Cello, Elliot has returned home to Bonfire in The Farms after yet another unsuccessful search for his father – who disappeared after an attack by a third-level Purple that left his uncle dead a year and a half ago.

Not everyone believes that’s what happened though. There are rumors that his father wasn’t taken at all, but may have murdered his own brother and ran off with the high-school physics teacher.

Elliot refuses to believe this.

Then, one day, Madeline and Elliot begin to correspond – there’s a little gap between their worlds, something that hasn’t happened in centuries.

And a magical, rare event forces Elliot to stay put in Bonfire longer than he wanted.

Life begins to get more complicated for both of them, and it’s just possible that – even across worlds – Elliot and Madeline may be able to help each other…

This is a book that is very hard to summarize, let me tell you.

It’s utterly bizarre.

And utterly brilliant.

I have to say that Jaclyn Moriarty is becoming an author I am keeping an eye on – and I am planning on reading much more from her!!!

A Corner of White is quirky, original and very interesting – it’s an oddity in the best way!

The Kingdom of Cello is a strange, inscrutable place that gets fleshed out with just enough to make it relatable but more than enough to make it foreign.

This is clever, attention capturing writing and a truly, truly unique story! There’s some hilarious dialogue, enigmatic characters, fascinating universe building and an ability to so smoothly and suddenly switch from eccentric to serious.

A Corner of White has a passion and power behind it – a revealing, intimate, touching aspect that is wonderful. Then you get that funny side, the creative aspect and overall entertainment factor that won me over 150%!

I have to say I am extremely looking forward to reading book two, The Cracks in the Kingdom.

Especially after some awesome twists at the end of A Corner of White.

This is one of those books that is difficult to put into a genre – I am floored by Jaclyn Moriarty’s ability to continue to do that. The Ghosts of Ashbury Hall was the same way for me.

Bring on more Moriarty!!

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