Friday, June 6, 2014


Alliance is the second book in the Paladin Prophecy, a YA contemporary fantasy series, by Mark Frost.

Just like always, if you haven’t read The Paladin Prophecy first this review will contain inadvertent spoilers. Be kind to yourself – read my review of the first book here!

After a whirlwind devastation of fleeing his home, being pursued by mysterious men, losing his parents and escaping to an exclusive prep school called the Center, Will West’s adventures didn’t end there.

Now that he and his roommates uncovered a dangerous secret society within the school called the Knights of Charlemagne they are now also more aware than ever that they are… different.

Experimenting and testing their growing mental and physical powers, time has passed since the day they rescued Brooke and came face to face with fantasy made reality.

Will thinks that needs to change.

When a lead on the Center’s past, the Knights of Charlemagne’s influence on the past and possibly the future, he and his roommates realize they have only just begun to discover what is truly going on – and that they can’t stop investigating it until they learn the truth.

When I went into Alliance I remembered being very entertained by the first book, The Paladin Prophecy. But I didn’t remember a lot about the book itself.

Alliance does give a bit of a refresher, but sadly my memories of liking the characters didn’t really follow through here… It certainly wasn’t a terrible book, but no matter how much I tried I could not connect with the characters or the plot of book two.

Unfortunately, I just could not get into it. Alliance seems to be stuffed full of info and clues into the Center, yet the writing didn’t manage to make me care… Maybe Alliance needs to be read immediately after The Paladin Prophecy to be fully enjoyed?

For me, The Paladin Prophecy was fast-paced and Alliance wasn’t – with this and my general lack of interest after over 150 pages, I finally started skimming it.

After all, what is a bibliophiles main problem?

Too many books, not enough time!!!

In that mystical time called “the future when I have lots of free time”, I may want to re-read both books in succession to give it another chance.

Remember, if you were a fan of The Paladin Prophecy – don’t let me keep you from reading Alliance!!! C’mon, son! Make up your own beautiful, book-lovin mind, ya hear?

*If there are any fans of the TV show Psych reading this who recognized my reference – you’re extra awesome!

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