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Manor of Secrets

Manor of Secrets is a YA historical upstairs/downstairs drama by Katherine Longshore.

Lady Charlotte Edmonds follows her cold mother’s directives, even though it’s getting harder and harder to do.

Now that she is of marriageable age, Lady Charlotte’s mother is determined to get Lord Andrew, heir to an earldom, attached to her.

Secretly, Lady Charlotte is far more interested in adventure, writing and the world she has yet to see – and has no interest in marrying a boring son of an earl.

She’s far more interested in the very handsome footman Lawrence…

Janie Seward spent her early years away from her mother with very little to eat. That’s why, when she and her mother were reunited at The Manor, the estate of the Edmonds, as chef and kitchen maid, she has found she has embraced The Manor as her home.

She is constantly reminded, however, that The Manor is not her home – that she is only a servant, and a replaceable one at that. The thought of change frightens her…

When Charlotte sees Janie stepping a toe out of line, it’s the first time their paths truly overlap amidst the gilded halls and dark corridors of The Manor.

And their meeting, and what comes of it, will bring secrets to light that will change both of their lives forever…

Manor of Secrets, after what I initially felt was a bit of a clunky intro, turned quickly into an addictive upstairs/downstairs delight.

Both Charlotte and Janie are likable, neither spoiler nor resentful – one yearning for change, one yearning for stability.

This has a fun Masterpiece Theatre vibe with a slight mystery, romance and plenty of social manners.

Early on I had a guess regarding Charlotte’s visiting aunt and the length of time she had been absent, and I did end up being partially right – but it didn’t change the enjoyable play out of the plot in Manor of Secrets.

I really ended up thoroughly enjoying Manor of Secrets! It was fun, involving and made me feel the era.

Plus, it’s super romantic – which I liked.


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