Monday, September 30, 2013

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is a YA contemporary suspense novel by Jacqueline Green.

When Tenley Reed returns to her hometown, she brings her age-old game of truth or dare with her.

It’s a way, along with her fabulous parties, to reclaim her popularity after being gone so long.

For Caitlin “Angel” Thomas, it’s a chance to reunite with her best friend and forget about her Harvard plans for a while.

Sydney Morgan didn’t even go to the party, consumed of thoughts of her kind-of-boyfriend being back in town – and never interested in that scene anyway.

All three, however, begin to receive mysterious, anonymous dares once the party is over…

Dares that involve very real threats.

Tenley, Caitlin, and Sydney all have secrets – how far will they go to keep them that way?

Truth or Dare was exactly what I would hope it would be!

Quickly, it presented hints of mystery, which I very much liked. The setting of Echo Bay is haunted by a past of drowning victims come Fall Festival time, at least one of which was later deemed a murder. So, there’s already that well-done atmospheric tone setting a creepy vibe.

It has a character driven plot – focused on these three girls, each of which I empathized and liked in different ways. I really liked that in Truth or Dare the girls really aren’t backstabbing but are instead the targets of manipulation.

Truth or Dare would probably be a great read for a fan of the Pretty Little Liars series, which it reminded me of a little – though I only read the first one in that series, and I actually liked Truth or Dare better.

As the suspense escalated, I was truly addicted to the page – especially as twists and shocks wowed me.

The ending kind of floored me, didn’t expect that to happen AT ALL.

And, well, I NEED THE NEXT BOOK!!!

Check out Truth or Dare!

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