Monday, December 16, 2013

Golden Girl

Golden Girl is a YA 30s era fantasy novel, the second in The American Fairy Trilogy, by Sarah Zettel.

I am a broken record. Doesn’t change the importance of the message though: Do not read this review on Golden Girl until you have already read the first book Dust Girl!

Haven’t read Dust Girl? Check out my review here. It’s a terrific book!

If you have read Dust Girl, then go ahead and proceed to a brief synopsis and then review of Golden Girl

It was not long ago that Callie LeRoux was in Kansas, deep in the midst of the Dust Bowl.

Now Callie is in search of her mother and a father she’s never known – whom she now knows is a fairy prince.

Making her half-fairy. And heir to his throne.

Her search has brought her and her friend Jack to California, knowing that amidst the great weather and glamorous starlets the fairies are sure to be thriving.

It doesn’t take long to realize that Callie is now in enemy territory.

It’d be great if that prophecy about her started yielding some results about now…

Golden Girl is a truly unique fantasy.

It has a genuine, awesome feel of the 1930s – and the Hollywood golden age has such a nostalgic impression.

Just as in Dust Girl, the fairy/magical aspect of the plot manages to be down to Earth. When faced with new creatures, there is a surreal, incredible sense of real danger, suspense and creepiness.

Personally, I am finding The American Fairy Trilogy to be increasingly impressive with this second book. The characters are great – scrappy and likable – and the storyline is engrossing, putting a new, historical spin on a fairy plot.

Plus, the villains are villainous! Seriously, these books truly go into the creepy realm – definitely good stuff here!

By the end, my notes generally boil down to, “Excellent! Excellent!”

Final verdict? I want the final book!!!

Definitely a book, and trilogy, to read and spread the word about!

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