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Dragonwitch is the fifth novel in the fantasy series Tales of Goldstone Wood by Anne Elisabeth Stengl.

I have been continually impressed by this series – which is a must for fantasy lovers.

Though each novel has a stand-alone aspect to it, it is immensely rewarding to read them in order, as there are characters and situations that are extrapolated with later books. For me, I still recommend reading them in order.

The only one I have not read yet is Moonblood, which I bought a copy of and just need to carve out a few days to read. Other than that, I’ve reviewed them all. So, here are the books in order with links to the reviews:

Veiled Rose

Now, the below synopsis will not give anything away about the prior books – so you’re safe here.

The North Country does not yet have a King – but it is expected to. And the man that is expected to be that next king must have a wife, of course.

That is why Lady Leta of Aiven has traveled from her home to meet the man she will marry – a man she has never met – and whom upon first meeting she knows, though he is not unkind, she will never love.

So, her usually restrained rebellious streak kicks in – she does not want to be stuck in her palace rooms all day long. Instead she spends most of her days with the castle Chronicler. He soon becomes her friend, though reclusive and harboring a secret that could topple the entire kingdom…

And at night there are whispers from the family crypt – and Lord Alistair, the future king of the North Country, is hounded by nightmares.

All is not well.

I don’t really want to go into more detail than that… Hopefully that peaks your interest!

Just as with the previous Tales of Goldstone Wood, Anne Elisabeth Stengl provides visionary, sweeping, fantasy-drenched prose that just simply takes you away!

There’s an ominous vibe as we’re slowly introduced to new characters and a carefully crafted plot. Plus, I loved that we got to revisit characters from the last book, Starflower. Awesomeness!

Ethereal, subtle, elegant writing meets chilling turns, surprising twists and a fantastical emotional adventure! Dragonwitch is, quite simply, divine!

A romantic punch, written in a downplayed yet strongly felt way, provides even more depth and beauty to this multi-layered book.

Dragonwitch has that ambitious story of good vs. evil – though this is a fairytale that’s never been told before. We get to see heroics, starkly penned suspense, and a brilliant imagined world that is powerfully epic!

Yet again I am left extremely ready for yet another book – and so happy that there will be one!!!

*I received a copy of Dragonwitch from the Bethany House Book Reviewers program. Their generosity in no way influenced, nor sought to influence, my opinion of the novel.


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