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The Morning Star

The Morning Star is the last novel in the YA historical/supernatural Katerina Trilogy by Robin Bridges.

You definitely do not want to read the synopsis for The Morning Star if you have not previously read the first two books in this trilogy!

If you are one of those people, instead check out my reviews of The Gathering Storm and The Unfailing Light, the first two, by clicking on their titles.

Now, if you HAVE read the prior novels, go ahead and read on…

Katerina Alexandrovna, Duchess of Oldenburg, in St. Petersburg, Russia 1890, has always wanted to be a doctor.

Not content with the thought of being wealthy enough to build numerous hospitals as a meek wife, Katerina wants to be able to have the knowledge and education to find cures for diseases, to help people with her own two hands.

Which would include her ailing love, son of the Tsar, George Alexandrovich.

But, of course, Tsar Alexander III forbids this.

Katerina being a necromancer?

Not so forbidden.

Even though her inherent powers are considered the darkest and most dangerous, that doesn’t stop the Tsar from utilizing them to protect Russia from the dead-but-not-gone Konstantin Pavlovich and all of the vampires that are intent on returning him to what they believe is his rightful throne.

Now, Katerina finds that she is being pulled along in a search for a mythical sword called the Morning Star – a sword that is supposed to allow Konstantin to command a multitude of paranormal warriors and make him almost impossible to defeat.

Clearly, now is the time that St. Petersburg will either fall… or be saved…

With my new blogging schedule I am trying to encourage myself to re-read when I want to, occasionally pick up a book that has no review obligations and read it just because I want to, and so on.

So, when it came to reading The Morning Star I decided that first I would re-read the first two books.

Wow, am I glad I did!

It warmed me up to both of them a lot more than the first time around – especially concerning The Unfailing Light. There IS a continuing plotline, and it is quite enchanting in its dark way!!

Moving on to The Morning Star:

Without giving anything away, The Morning Star was exciting, suspenseful and romantic!

I loved how Katerina has kept her personality and ambitions throughout the entire trilogy! That doesn’t always happen – and I really liked that.

In the end, I felt the entire trilogy proved itself quite a good read. And The Morning Star provides that excellent meld of mystic and historical as the arc came to a satisfying, exhilarating conclusion!

Definitely worth the re-read.

And your first read!!!

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