Friday, August 9, 2013

Heart of Glass

Heart of Glass is a YA historical suspense novel, and the sequel to Cross My Heart, by Sasha Gould.

First off, you definitely need to read Cross My Heart before you read Heart of Glass or this review! Spoilers are NOT good!!! Feel free to check out my review of Cross My Heart here, and once you’ve read that first book come on back here for my thoughts on the sequel.

Assuming the remainder of readers have read Cross My Heart and now will not be spoiled…

In Venice 1585, it’s been three months since Laura found out who murdered her sister.

Three months since she joined the Segreta, a powerful society of women who trade protection for secrets…

She is now blissfully engaged to Roberto, the first son of the Doge, and experiencing a happiness she never imagined possible in her many years cloistered in the nunnery.

The peace was not meant to last. Venice is a turbulent, passionate, dangerous place.

On a night when Laura is to complete an important mission for the Segreta, a dead body is found in Roberto’s bedroom. Roberto is identified as her killer.

And when these horrific events are tied to the arrival of a handsome, charismatic Turkish prince who is on a diplomatic visit to the city, war becomes a very real threat.

Desperate to save her fiancĂ©, Laura finds herself struggling to use the crumbling Segreta’s waning influence to help her once more…

My synopsis is a little lacking, as I don’t want to give away too much!!! Hopefully, I left enough to surprise you, plot-wise.

I had really liked Cross My Heart. In it we watched Laura be pulled from a sheltered life in the convent to face her sister’s death and subsequent expectation of marrying a repulsive older man at her father’s insistence.

What I love is that there is some serious character development through Cross My Heart into the sequel Heart of Glass. We get to watch Laura grow and become stronger. It’s exhilarating!

Yet again, the sights, smells, and feel of Venice is palpable with Sasha Gould’s descriptive, pitch-perfect writing. And yet again she is pulling us into a web of intrigue, romance, deceit, murder, and power! Who can resist?

Not I!

It was a continually suspenseful, twisty, mystery-riddled tale that culminated in a fantastic end. Heart of Glass is a book to read in about a day’s time!!!

One of the only satisfying duets in the world of YA books – I strongly recommend Heart of Glass!

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