Monday, August 26, 2013

The Last Academy

The Last Academy is a YA contemporary suspense novel by Anne Applegate.

After being betrayed by her longtime best friend, Camden is sent to an exclusive boarding school.

It’s a gorgeous place, huge campus, decent classes and more than enough good-looking boys.

Her moody roommate isn’t so great, but soon Camden starts to tentatively make friends with a couple girls and even gets a crush on one particularly attractive boy.

She’s pushing the limits on her previously cautious life and letting herself make just a little mischief, even.

But she can’t ignore the startling fact that some very weird things are going on at Lethe Academy.

Sometimes she sees flashes of people looking differently than they should – which is creepy and worrisome. She starts to wonder, almost, if she is going insane.

Then one of Camden’s new friends disappears and the story around it doesn’t sound right to her.

Increasingly, Camden is beginning to believe that something dark is going on at the school…

The Last Academy has a fast-paced, eerie tone that interested me from the get-go.

I had some guesses as to what was going on, but even so the spooky and absorbing writing kept me invested in its paced, measured mystery.

My suspicions were correct, and I admit I did start to get a little annoyed that Camden took as long as she did to figure it out – yet the story and vibe still made me like the book a lot.

It’s funny because I saw a lot of negative reviews and ratings on The Last Academy on Goodreads.

For me, it was a very enjoyable book with an affective final revelation that made for a great read!

I thought it was pretty darn good! Gripping, engaging, and mysterious!

I say – check it out!

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