Friday, August 2, 2013


Spellbinding is a YA contemporary supernatural novel by Maya Gold.

When Abby Silva’s US History teacher tells her class to research their ancestry for an assignment, Abby is startled by what she finds.

With a bit of digging, Abby finds out that she is descended from an accused witch of 1600s Salem.

Compelled by this knowledge, she goes to Salem and things start to… happen.

At moments when Abby really wants something, objects seem to move on their own. And when after leaving a local library she finds herself in possession of an ancient spell book, a little experimenting finds that the spells… work!

But Rem Anders, an attractive Salem boy, is also keeping secrets. He doesn’t appear to like what she’s getting into to – but maybe likes her?

All Abby knows right now, is the power at her fingertips is putting her in a position she’s never been before… but there might be a darker truth to what’s going on…

Spellbinding had some good qualities.

For one, the plot was engaging. It’s also fast-paced and very easy to read, which can be very nice when you’re tired and you just want to be told a story.

Yet Spellbinding was also, I felt, a bit light on the actual writing. I had a sense of it being immature, full of clichés.

And I had a hard time with not only how easily Abby accepted her witchy powers, but how simply she came across them – and how easy it was to use them!! It just fell flat for me. I never like things being too easy in this kind of circumstance. No training needed? Nothing??

I wasn’t bored at all, but the romance, drama, and overall book just didn’t gel with me. Even Abby as a character wasn’t that likable – she frustrated me with her choices.

So, easy to read? Yes. Excellent read? Not so much.

But you may disagree!

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