Friday, August 30, 2013


Fearless is the YA fantasy follow-up to Cornelia Funke’s Reckless.

Our first foray into Mirrorworld is, I’d say, pretty important to read first – so if you have not yet read Reckless, check out my review here and avoid this post on Fearless.

If you have already read Reckless, read on…

Saving his brother Will’s life, stopping him from becoming a stone-skinned Goyl, cost Jacob everything.

Now, with only a few months left to live, Jacob finds himself still seeking in vain for an end to the Fairy curse that is killing him.

Yet being one of the best treasure-seekers in the warped-fairy-tale world in the mirror of his longtime-missing father’s study is not proving helpful this time.

The All-Healing Apple and the Well of Eternal Youth have done nothing for him. After buying back the blood of a northern Djinn from the world he was born in, blood that he himself sold years before, is one slim hope.

But Jacob has a feeling it will be just as worthless.

He knows that he must tell Fox, his shape-shifting friend. His shadow for many years.

One final possibility lingers, though. A legend that not even Mirrorworld residents really believes exist – a crossbow that can kill thousands, or heal one, when shot through the heart.

But he is not the only one looking for it…

I actually let myself reread Reckless before jumping into Fearless, which was a nice refresher!

Mirrorworld is a captivating, multi-layered world. There’s a dark, creepy twist on a lot of fairy-tales here, which I like quite a bit.

Jacob’s search for a cure is suspenseful and adventurous – yet at time I felt the plot went a little off track and became muddled. I still was always interested, but occasionally impatient. It just started to drag a tiny bit here and there, for me.

Fearless is still an excellent fantasy novel and overall I was still happy with it – but I guess I expected more focus, less distraction.

You can still count me in for the next book, though!!

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