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Ice Claw

Ice Claw is an action/adventure YA novel by David Gilman, and the second one featuring Max Gordon.

Though this is technically the second book in a series, the story is stand-alone – however, I still recommend reading them in order so you can understand and appreciate all the smaller details that work together. So, if you haven’t read it yet – go pick up The Devil’s Breath, which I reviewed on Friday.

Max is up high in the freezing French Pyrenees for an Xtreme sporting challenge that he’s participating in. But an ordinary endeavor (as ordinary as Xtreme sports are, that is) soon becomes anything but as Max witnesses the last moments of a mysterious monk who screams out a cryptic message to Max before dying.

Based on his own personal honor system, Max is determined to respect the monk’s wishes to pursue this information – as nonsensical as it is. But before he knows it, he suddenly finds himself in the middle of a prophecy foretelling a major devastating environmental incident.

And he’s being pursued by not only bad guys – but the police as well!

Looks like Max has gotten himself into something big again – but he’s ready to follow it to the end. The only one he can fully trust is his best friend Sayid, who’s also drawn into the chase.

But how can Max fix anything when no one will believe a word he says?

Ice Claw immediately flings us into danger and breathless suspense with great imagery and vivid locales, yet again. In the first book, The Devil’s Breath, I was impressed with how much I felt the essence of Africa – now I was immersed in cold France – shivering among the snow and ice!

David Gilman has penned yet another journey of epic proportions, sending us across the globe with clues and secrets unraveling as we trail Max and his one-minded focus on putting the puzzle together – and staying alive! Ice Claw mixes extreme sports, athleticism, and adventure with occasional moments of humor to lighten the death-heavy plot.

Like Jack Bauer, Indiana Jones, James Bond, and other famous action heroes – Max Gordon is very hard to kill. Which is kind of awesome.

The thematic, nonstop action as Max deals with his new debacle in a much frostier climate, provide us with new locations that leap off the pages with crystal clear clarity. Max’s devotion to sticking with what comes across his path is not only noble, but likable – making this extremely fast-paced and entertaining novel fun to venture in.

Every once in a while the action scenes are a bit longwinded and the fight scenes could get a little tiring for me, but when you’re giving Ice Claw your focus and attention (and you’re not already tired when reading it) all of this is precise and gratifying. I don’t have the same connection to Max as other favorite books, where I am glued to the page and devoted to the story in a super-special way – but Ice Claw, and the other Max Gordon books, aren’t really – in my opinion – meant to do that. What they do they are successful at – create a mystery thriller that is a pleasure and a breeze to read!

Ice Claw is, overall, an excellent YA adventure that deserves to be considered among the popular adult authors of today!

Return on Wednesday to find out what I thought of the third and latest Max Gordon novel Blood Sun!


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