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Blood Sun

Blood Sun is a YA action/adventure book featuring Max Gordon by David Gilman.

Again, since there are a few serialized elements and plots that could be spoiled from the earlier books, I would suggest you read the first two Max Gordon books – The Devil’s Breath and Ice Claw – before reading Blood Sun. Might suggest you be careful with this review as well…

If you’ve read the two previous books, then you’re safe! Please continue:

When a former student of Max Gordon’s private boarding school Dartmoor is found dead in the London Underground, shady men come to ask Max questions.

Why? Because the boy found dead was carrying an envelope addressed to Max, supposedly holding clues to how his mother actually died years earlier.

Only recently has Max begun to question the details surrounding her death – after running across an old family friend during his last escapade in the French Pyrenees who cast doubt on Max’s father’s bravery.

Now, Max has become consumed with finding out the truth. And the one that was looking for answers is now dead – which leads Max to believe there is someone out there who does not want him to know what happened.

Of course, that doesn’t stop Max. He takes off on his own, his search sending him to her last known location in the rain forests of Central America – where there are more dangers than he can count.

He will know the truth…

I feel like I’ve been on a bit of a reading marathon with Max Gordon over the last week – and I have to tell you, it’s exhausting! All of the stunts, the action, the constant plot movement… well, it might be better in smaller doses. Just being honest, here.

But the creepy, adrenaline-pumping first few paragraphs are like the opening scene of an action movie. It’s a cool start with a more personal goal in sight for Max this time around. And we’re seeing a Max that is a little darker and more preoccupied this time around – jaded and edgy. It’s interesting, but sucks a little of the good-natured fun out of it.

Blood Sun, like The Devil’s Breath and Ice Claw, moves at a breakneck pace and is chockfull of plot twists, villains, battling the elements, and fights for survival. However, I think that maybe it was all a bit too much for me – reading all three of the novels in quick succession. Because this time around, I wasn’t as enthralled. Maybe the plot just didn’t grab me as much. It wasn’t as globetrotting, there weren’t as many lively characters, and the end didn’t come with as much of a punch as I expected.

Max came across as a bit too seasoned for me… I mean, I know he’s done a lot over the last couple of books (how can he still only be fifteen?!), but I liked following a slightly-out-of-his-depth guy that has surprising capabilities in the face of death and injustice, but now Max is being portrayed more along the lines of an expert.

None of this is necessarily bad. Like I said, it could have just been too much action/adventure in too little time. I really enjoyed The Devil’s Breath and Ice Claw. Blood Sun just dragged a bit more for me, and I just didn’t feel that same exhilaration.

But I would still keep my eye out for the fourth book, if there is one. And you might find that Blood Sun is your favorite Max Gordon book – so read it! :)


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