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The Copper Room

The Copper Room is a YA sci-fi novel, and the latest by Henry Melton.

High school senior Jerry thought he was just helping his Uncle Greg with a weird house project to make a bit of extra money… but Uncle Greg is always up to more.

The room they’re constructing completely out of copper has properties that can adjust time, making it slower or faster while you’re inside the room.

Wow, right?

Being the cool guy Uncle Greg is, he acknowledges Jerry’s help (and overwhelming amount of studying he needs as he reaches the homestretch of high school) and lets him use the copper room to give him extra time to do schoolwork. He gets to cram a fifteen hour study marathon into just five minutes of real world time.

Which gives him plenty of time to spend more time with his new girlfriend Lil.

But when Uncle Greg leaves town for a bit and entrusts the copper room to Jerry, Jerry can’t help but get tempted to reveal the secrets of the room to Lil. He gets her extra studying time – and quality time of a more enjoyable nature, without being gone long from their parents.

Yet things fall apart fast when they stumble into a set of controls that Uncle Greg warned never to touch – and find they are far into the future!

And have no way to get back.

Sci-fi bibliophiles, especially those of you who love YA, definitely need to make sure and put all of Henry Melton’s books on your to-read list. The Copper Room is yet another addition to an excellent line-up.

This is not a long novel, yet it packs a ton of plot, amusement, romance and provocative ideas in its pages. Jerry and Lil are likable, easy characters to follow as we jump forward in time and deal with the consequences.

Since they are decent, nice, generally mature teens (one of the consistently refreshing factors in Henry Melton’s writing), what they do with their situation is very cool and creates a unique situation that I do not want to give away. Believe me; the premise itself gives away enough! The rest needs to be a surprise!

As always, Henry Melton has penned yet another stimulating, intelligent, entertaining novel that makes for a swift read. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It wasn’t too heavy on the science details, but gave enough to allow you to take a leap of faith on all the various elements of advanced technology, etc. That, for me, is the best kind of sci-fi. It’s logical, it’s interesting, and it seems almost possible – and always fun!

You can do a search of Henry Melton on my blog to find reviews on all his other books. And I must say, I’m looking forward to getting the chance of reading more from him in the future!

Hopefully a much nearer future than Jerry and Lil end up in, that is. ;)


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