Friday, August 22, 2014

We Were Liars

We Were Liars is a YA contemporary suspense novel by E. Lockhart.

Wealthy. Beautiful. Distinguished.

They are the Sinclair family.

Every summer of Cady’s life has been spent on “their” private island.

Every summer has been spent with the Liars – her two cousins of close age and Gat.

Until summer fifteen changes everything.

Cady’s fractured mind cannot piece together what happened but she is left a broken shell of her former self.

She will figure out the puzzle.

She will be whole again.

Vague? Yes.

Necessarily so? Absolutely.

We Were Liars is, at its core, a mystery. But one that is rooted in secrets that reveal damaged, flawed people, as well. That rare sort of contemporary novel that packs a lot of punch in few pages.

It’s shocking, startling and disarming writing. I loved it. E. Lockhart grabbed me and pulled me along for a absorbing, hypnotic, drenched in the unknown, strangely gorgeous story.

As I read We Were Liars I felt sort of obsessed in knowing what happened in summer fifteen. I was truly and wholly in the novel’s grip.

And with each disquieting revelation the raw pain and shock of We Were Liars sinks in and settles in the mind with that weight of a story well told.

Impactful. Memorable. Meaningful.

You will get no hint of spoilers from me!!

We Were Liars was quite the book – and I think you should read it.

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