Monday, August 11, 2014


Allegiant is a YA dystopian sci-fi novel and the third in the Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth.

You know the drill bibliophiles, don’t read this review unless you’ve already read Divergent and Insurgent. Understood?

Final warning…

Now that Tris has made the message her mother was protecting known to the factions and factionless alike - risking her life, her relationships and her strength in doing so – she now has to face what it means.

Her way of life – the way of life of everyone she’s ever known – has been put into question. Are they all part of an experiment? Have they just been preparing Divergent to save the world??

With the loss of their core understanding, Tris, Tobias and others decide to venture outside of the limits they’ve never passed as the environment around them is shattering anyway. They want to find purpose again…

What’s beyond the limits only creates more uncertainty, however. Tris and the others find themselves faced with truths they do not want to hear and a reality that isn’t ideal.

Yet again, Tris has to face the choice of being courageous enough to face the choices available to her – and take action.

Nothing will ever be the same…

As I started Allegiant I was glued – as normal.

I have to say, I was unsure why we were being given switching viewpoints between Tris and Tobias this time around. I love Tobias but I was comfortable with Tris as my narrator and POV, so this was an adjustment.

Allegiant provides all kinds of new revelations, implications and twists – as well as some pretty serious frustration and irritation with some characters and plots (no details!).

Yet it came back around again, providing a meaningful, thought-provoking, touching, moving, powerful, romantic, upsetting, heartbreaking finale of a book.

Yes, that is a lot of adjectives. Deal with it. You know how it is, book lovers!!

Just like with Mockingjay of The Hunger Games trilogy, I’m torn and have mixed feeling about the end of this story. Did it make me emotional? Absolutely. Did I find beauty in it? You betcha.

Yet I’m still torn and feel a little bruised from the whole experience.

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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