Friday, August 8, 2014


Insurgent is a YA dystopian novel, the second in the Divergent trilogy, by Veronica Roth.

If you have not read Divergent – this review will have spoilers for that first book – I strongly advise not reading this review until you’ve read Divergent.

Understood? UNDERSTOOD?!?!?

Okay, I’m trusting only readers of Divergent are continuing on now…

Initiation Day in the Dauntless faction should have been one of joy for Tris – she had finally cemented her place in Dauntless, no longer in fear of becoming factionless - and finding her place among the courageous, free Dauntless is what she’s wanted for so long.

Instead, it became a living nightmare.

Tris, as a Divergent, was one of the few “awake” Dauntless while she witnessed her faction put under a forced simulation that caused her friends to become murderers – and an entire faction to be wiped out.

When the morning comes, the horror is not over – and the remnants of what Tris had to do haunting her mind and hurting her resolve. War now looms and the time for choosing a side has come. Loyalties have shifted, people have died and their way of life appears to have changed forever.

Amidst grief, guilt and uncertainty, Tris knows she must utilize her dangerous Divergence to its ultimate capabilities.

But when it’s all over – will she recognize her home?

Will she recognize herself?

Well, anyone who read my review of Divergent knows I adored it – and Insurgent takes off right where Divergent left off.

Though, of course, there’s a slight feel of sadness leaving the riveting scenes of Dauntless initiation behind for a broader dystopian war situation – it is still just as suspenseful, romantic and fascinating.

In Insurgent there are more details and passages with different factions, which is mesmerizing in its revelations and originality.

My connection to Tris and Tobias caused a lot of emotional turmoil, as their relationship is not smooth sailing in Insurgent. It bothered me sooooo much – yet that feeling showed me just how much I cared, and felt believable when it comes to the personalities of these two volatile, yet vulnerable, characters.

The results of the end of Divergent cause some issues for Tris that I longed for her to get past, yet her toughness was still there – just a little bit more nuanced and haunted.

Insurgent is full of powerful, memorable scenes and is brutal, frustrating, bloody and thrilling.

Not to mention desperately romantic!!!

Then we get SHOCKERS and a ton of psychological drama, which I love.

Yes, I loved Insurgent.

I just can’t imagine where Allegiant is going to take us!!!

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