Friday, August 29, 2014

Blackfin Sky

Blackfin Sky is a YA contemporary paranormal debut novel by Kat Ellis.

Blackfin is a town where strange things happen.

People don’t blink at the abnormal and townsfolk don’t question the unexplained.

Yet when Skylar Rousseau heads into school one day and finds everyone staring at her in utter shock – due to the fact that apparently they all saw her dead and buried three months ago – she believes things have gotten a lot stranger.

Sky has no memory of dying – in fact, she remembers life as usual for the last three months.

She can’t deny, though, that she’s the only one with this perspective. Every single other person in Blackfin is astounded to see her – and for once, they are asking questions.

As Sky finds herself beginning to have odd, vivid dreams about a grimy circus in the middle of the woods, she knows that something is up. She becomes determined to find out what has happened to her.

Her need to unravel the truth about herself – it just may unravel other truths about this eccentric little town as well…

Blackfin Sky has a very intriguing premise – as I’m sure you’ll agree!

Reading the book was a very trippy experience – it’s very quirky and original. And as unusual as it is, it’s also fascinating and engaging.

On a day in which I was particularly tired, I remember reading Blackfin Sky during my lunch break and feeling like I might’ve been dosed with something. Ha! It has that mind-altering feeling, I’ll tell you that.

Blackfin Sky presents a creepy, suspenseful puzzle and manages to avoid most clichés. It presents an eerie circus villain and a plot complicated enough to be both highly satisfying and worthy of a future re-read.

I was very pleased with Blackfin Sky – it was wholly different, absorbing and a great read!

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