Friday, August 15, 2014

Since Last Summer

Since Last Summer is a companion novel to the YA contemporary Rules of Summer by Joanna Philbin.

As this is a sequel – if you’ve haven’t read Rules of Summer you’ll find yourself spoiled by this review. Do yourself a favor and read the review of the first book here and then read the book itself before this review.


After spending the previous summer as an employed errand girl for the affluent Rule household in the Hamptons, Rory now finds herself returned as a guest and girlfriend to golden son Connor.

It’s an adjustment for sure.

Rory and Connor have spent a year dating now – mostly long distance – and she’s looking forward to spending time with him and taking full advantage of her internship at a film festival in the meantime.

Isabel Rule is returning home to the Hamptons after a school year away – and a purposeful dry spell with guys. Following the disastrous aftermath of her passionate relationship with sexy surfer Mike, Isabel is finally ready to step a toe in the water of romance again.

So when cute, nice guy Evan – an aspiring filmmaker and current waiter – shows interest, she jumps.

Yet she still can’t get her mind off of Mike…

As the summer moves forwards, Rory and Isabel find themselves facing new challenges in romance and family.

Since Last Summer is a great, soapy, summertime entertainment read!

With just enough emotional depth and character development to keep Since Last Summer from seeming too fluffy, it confronts dramatic family issues, romance, self-esteem and destructive behavior with a fairly honest point of view.

I really enjoyed reading it and particularly appreciated how Joanna Philbin shows the transformation of relationships and provides a different perspective on characters. No one is perfect, thankfully, in Since Last Summer.

I am definitely ready for more of this series, if there will be any!

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