Monday, May 12, 2014

Watcher of the Dark

Watcher of the Dark is an adult horror novel, and the third in the Jeremiah Hunt novels, by Joseph Nassise.

As it is the third in a series – in order to not spoil yourself on the plots of the prior books – I recommend you read Eyes to See and King of the Dead before Watcher of the Dark. Feel free to click on the titles to read my reviews!

Assuming only readers of the first two books are continuing on…

Jeremiah is on the run.


Plus, now he doesn’t have his friends with him – he’s just a blind guy with ghost-sight, a stolen car and next to no money.

In Los Angeles.

That’s what having the FBI tailing him and a foray into the terrifying kingdom of the dead to bring back the soul of the woman he cares about from a horrifying otherworld will do to you.

Especially when, in order to complete the ritual to save her, you have to stab her. And there are witnesses. Others don’t seem to understand the whole, “I had to plunge that knife into her – to save her life!”

Now, in L.A., Jeremiah has been recruited – with major strings attached – by Carlos Fuentes. Fuentes believes Jeremiah’s ghost sight and exorcism abilities will be useful to his enigmatic ends to find a mystical key that opens into nowhere good.

And the Preacher wants the same thing…

You know, I really liked Eyes to See – it was original, scary and humorous. It had that urban supernatural edge that can be really great when done right. Jeremiah was helping out the FBI and trying to find his missing daughter – there was a lot going on, and I liked it all.

King of the Dead was still good – an interesting expansion of the supernatural world layered on top of the ordinary one – but wasn’t as compelling for me.

Sadly, Watcher of the Dark continued that downward turn, in my opinion.

It is in no way bad.

It’s just that I really feel there was some awesome potential in Eyes to See – potential back when Jeremiah wasn’t on the run. I would’ve liked more books following him back them – when he could try to use his skills to help people and pursue his own ends, also, without running all the time.

Now, Watcher of the Dark does have creepy, crazy situations – not to mention action – from the get-go, which is great. It just didn’t hold my attention the way the urban paranormal/horror mystery did back in Eyes to See.

Not to mention I missed all the supporting characters. Hunt is cool and all, but he’s the only familiar one in Watcher of the Dark.

Unfortunately, I just felt it was missing that spark that made me really excited in Eyes to See. Maybe it can get turned around – but the trend toward stop-the-supernatural-world-ending plots doesn’t leave me as engrossed…

Hope you disagree!

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