Friday, May 2, 2014

The Parasol Protectorate, Book Five: Timeless

Timeless is the fifth and final novel in Gail Carriger’s adult, comedic, steampunk, supernatural series The Parasol Protectorate set in an alternate Victorian age.

You have to know that I *strongly* recommend reading The Parasol Protectorate in order!! I mean, ARE YOU CRAZY?! The spoilers will, well, spoil too much squeal-worthy goodness!! So, if you haven’t read Soulless, Changeless, Blameless and HeartlessREAD NO FURTHER.

If you have, proceed…

Over the last couple years Lord and Lady Maccon and Lord Akeldama have settled into an out-of-the-ordinary sort of household harmony.

For Alexia this means keeping a hawk’s eye on a toddler that turns supernatural haphazardly and suddenly becomes stronger and faster than she. Oh, joy.

Not to mention assimilating werewolves into London’s High Society and hiding the fact that she and her husband are living in a vampire’s second best closet.

But Alexia likes to keep life interesting.

Then a summons comes from the world’s oldest known vampire queen – all the way in Egypt – “requesting” that Alexia bring little Prudence to meet with said vampire.

Turning the affair into a trip of epic proportions, Alexia, her husband and daughter Prudence are joined on a steamer to cross the Mediterranean with the Tunstells and their entire acting troupe in tow.

Two questions weight heavy on Alexia’s mind as they grow closer to their destination:

One – What does the Queen of the Alexandria Hive really want with her and Prudence?

Two – Will there be any good tea in Egypt?

As Timeless began I absolutely loved seeing little Prudence as a toddler – far more interesting, I think, than if she’d still been an infant. So, the small time gap worked perfectly for me.

The abilities of Alexia and now her daughter Prudence are so inventive and fascinating, while never taking away from the overall breeziness of the series!

Timeless is still laugh-out-loud funny and so much fun – the series, in my opinion, never lost its way or diminished. This final novel felt like a warm, affectionate goodbye to characters we love – yet an opening for more, too.

Again, The Parasol Protectorate series is rather free and loose with its romantic entanglements, but yet again it’s done in such a way that doesn’t bother me too much. In fact, I love the characters so much that I quite easily can let that go…

Timeless is awesome – simply put – though there is a tailspin of horror that caused me great concern. By the conclusion I was in a state of pure satisfaction, however. No details for you!! Read it, you nincompoop!

When I closed the last page I was only still happy because of two truths. One is that we still have two more books of The Finishing School novels. Second is because I know that Gail Carriger is planning a series about Prudence!! It has been delayed, but is still in the works.

Yes, please!!!

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