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King of the Dead

King of the Dead is the second novel in Joseph Nassise’s Jeremiah Hunt Chronicle, an adult urban paranormal/horror series.

The first book, Eyes to See, was one of my Stand-Out Books of 2012 and was a really amazing start to a series! So, you know that I won’t want you spoiling it by reading the review of King of the Dead – that is, if you haven’t yet read Eyes to See!

Instead, you can read my review of Eyes to See here. In other words: Only those who have read Eyes to See are to continue reading this review! Got it?! Okay.

I also don’t want to spoil the lot of you by giving you too many details on the new book’s plot – so this will be a bit of a vague, light synopsis.

On the run from the FBI, Jeremiah is wanted for years of horrific murders he did not commit. However, it’s hard to combat their belief when just a few months ago a creature called a doppelganger appeared on surveillance committing such an act.

Explaining this would not go over well. Instead, Hunt, magic-worker Denise, and berserker Dmitri are doing their best to stay as many steps ahead of the manhunt as possible.

But when Denise has a vision that compels her to go to New Orleans – they oblige.

Once there, they find that there is an unseen siege going on in the city.

Good thing Jeremiah Hunt is there. After performing a hair-raising ritual to find his kidnapped daughter he has exchanged his human sight for power to see what cannot be seen by others: ghosts, dark spirits, and all those things we’d rather not think about.

It’ll come in handy here…

King of the Dead was compelling, intriguing and dark with bits of humor peppered in. Featuring a truly an excellent narrative voice to keep things moving and interesting all the time, it’s creepy and thrilling!

Actually, the book is straight-out FUNNY at times while creating a fascinating urban fantasy/paranormal world that is intricately detailed with more layers revealed in this second novel. At a really satisfying pace, too.

King of the Dead gave me that feeling you’re sure to be familiar with as a fellow admitted bibliophile. The can’t-stop-reading-who-cares-about-sleep-itis. It’s fast-paced, intelligent, and awesome reading!

Now, the end… well, I’ll admit that all of a sudden things felt kinda rushed, which was disappointing. The cliffhanger wasn’t all that exciting instead of being rather… upsetting? But despite that King of the Dead was still amazing, and I am FULLY on board for the next book.

Watcher of the Dark is the name of the third book, which will be out in November of this year. I’m sure it’ll resolve the cliffhanger and be great! I’ll be there!

Hopefully this will be an ongoing series – it has the potential to be epic!


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