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Quick Fix

Quick Fix is a humorous paranormal mystery novel, and the follow-up to In a Fix, by Linda Grimes.

I adored In a Fix – it was fun, breezy, original and stuffed with romance, mystery and humor.

And so is Quick Fix!!!

But if you have not read In a Fix, you really have no business reading the synopsis of Quick Fix– spoiling awesomeness should not be a priority, thankyouverymuch!

Instead, you can click here to read my complete thoughts on In a Fix.

Those of you, who HAVE read In a Fix, carry on:

Ciel Halligan, aura adapter/life fixer enjoys her job of stepping into her clients lives and assisting with their problems – as them.

If only she could fix her own life and confused romantic entanglements.

Anywho, whilst on a job at the National Zoo with her new, recently-turned-maybe-boyfriend Billy and his little sister Molly she ponders her suddenly complicated emotions.

Billy, best friend since childhood and longtime ne'er-do-well, has morphed into more – but her heady childhood/adult crush on CIA agent Mark seems to now have more potential to become something.

Yet her thoughts during the seemingly simple job are interrupted when Molly begins to show signs of being an adaptor herself – by taking the form of a baby orangutan!

Which is NOT supposed to be possible.

When Molly seems to not be able to turn human again, they find themselves escaping a zoo that thinks they’re stealing an exotic animal – and everything falls apart from there.

Murder, scientists, and mystery – oh my!

Okay, that’s just a quick peek at Quick Fix.

Though Quick Fix is often racier than I prefer – certainly not as detailed as some sex scenes I’ve encountered in books, but not as vague and restrained as I’d like either – Ciel’s life presents a bevy of laugh-out-loud hilarity, excellent dialogue, and narration!

There’s an amusing, eccentric family element – not to mention that paranormal aspect is fascinating and fresh.

Quick Fix offers up a great plot, yet again, that provides growth opportunities for the characters and plenty of twists and turns in the smart mystery.

I won’t lie and say the romantic triangle isn’t hot, either.

This is a complicated, entertaining mystery with a Ciel as a heroine that manages to be both upbeat and self-deprecating.

I definitely hope for another book… SOON!!!


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