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In a Fix

In a Fix is a contemporary fantasy novel by Linda Grimes, and the first in a new series.

Ciel Halligan is an aura adapter – and a good one at that. Like a human chameleon, she’s able to take on others’ auras and flawlessly slip into their lives.

That is, in fact, her job.

Whereas a lot of the other aura adapters use their talents for, say, the CIA – Ciel has never been good with blood. So, she started her own business as a facilitator – she takes on clients and deals with problems the people don’t want to face themselves.

Ciel’s latest job was going really well. Snag a marriage proposal from an extremely attractive man while enjoying the relaxation of an all-expenses-paid sunny vacation? Sure, she’ll get paid for that.

But then things go really wrong.

Said attractive man gets kidnapped, and the beachside bungalow becomes a ball of fire.

Maybe completing this particular assignment is going to be a little tougher than she thought…

Oh. My. Gosh! In a Fix was a BLAST!!!

Linda Grimes has come up with an awesomely unique ability – the way it’s used, described – it’s just cool! And the characters? Ciel is hilarious, likable, perfectly self-deprecating without being pathetic at all – and a feisty, tenacious gal!

Here we get outstanding, sidesplitting dialogue, a bevy of hot guys, fantastic secondary characters – I mean, really, really diverting!!!

Now, as someone who really doesn’t care for books to get too graphic on the sexual side, I will warn you that there are few scenes that step over the line a tad… but the tone is kept lighthearted even then. This book, and a few others I’m starting to dip my toes into, is starting to let me believe that some adult books may actually take themselves less seriously – and are fabulous!

In a Fix features a fun case, fun main character, and a FUN BOOK! As I was reading it, I was ENTERTAINED – like, HAPPILY!!! There are a gazillion books out there, but I still can’t deny that one of my favorite types is one that will make me feel joyful as I read it – In a Fix did that!

Paranormal + humor + romance + crazy/hilarious/dangerous criminal plot = awesome!!!

I. Must. Read. Sequel. NOW!!!

It’s called Quick Fix, and I believe it’s coming out later this year – and I’m thrilled! If all the romantic tension, humor, and fun tone are back I’m hopeful for a nice, long series.

Are you in?

P. S. I had no idea how to pronounce Ciel’s name – so I went with “Kyle”. If you know otherwise, tell me please! :)


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