Monday, September 9, 2013

Spirit and Dust

Spirit and Dust is a YA contemporary paranormal novel by Rosemary Clement-Moore.

Daisy Goodnight has a unique talent for talking to the dead.

Her family has a history of supernatural talents, and Daisy has taken up the torch for working with the FBI and doing her part with the gift she has.

Being that the FBI agent she usually works with is tasty and young doesn’t hurt either…

This time, though, Daisy is whisked away from her college freshman chemistry class to help look into the disappearance of a wealthy young woman and the murder of her bodyguard.

And things aren’t going smoothly.

When trying to talk to the ghost of the bodyguard, something is off. He’s terrified of something.

Clearly, people are in danger here.

Such as her – as she ends up getting snatched by a crime boss that wants to utilize Daisy’s gift for his own purposes…

Oh. My. Goodness.

Have I mentioned that I absolutely LOVE Rosemary Clement-Moore?!?

In Spirit and Dust we have fantastic witty, pop culture peppered first-person narration and a super-fun, straightforward, non-secret supernatural element. We’re getting to revisit the Goodnight family after Texas Gothic introduced us to Daisy’s cousin Amy – so not really a sequel, but blissfully in the same world.

My opinion is that mystery is almost always awesome, and in Rosemary’s hands it most definitely is. Throw in some laugh-out-loud dialogue, hot guys, and older, likable teen heroine and an entertaining plot – hello bibliophile happiness!!

Plus, Daisy is clearly a Harry Potter fan, which makes her my bestie!

There’s a whole excellent aspect of a loving, eccentric family on top of a fiercely readable romance angle. Big surprises I didn’t see coming – AND a Princess Bride reference!

Oh, Rosemary, does the awesomeness never stop?

Well, my friends, no it did not. All I know is that I LOVED reading Spirit and Dust – and I am desperate for more!!!

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