Monday, September 2, 2013

The Beautiful and the Cursed

The Beautiful and the Cursed is a YA historical horror/paranormal novel by Page Morgan.

After an incident that has left rumors swirling behind them, Ingrid and Gabriella Waverly leave behind London for the unfamiliar city of Paris in 1899.

Their brother Grayson had gone ahead to secure a house for them, but when the sisters and their mother arrive they find not a house but an old, abandoned abbey, roof lined with stone gargoyles that Ingrid could almost swear moved.

And Grayson is missing.

Being Grayson’s twin, Ingrid senses that something is wrong. She doesn’t follow the opinion of the Parisian police that Grayson is off on the town living it up.

Someone else seems concerned, though.

Luc. A devastatingly handsome servant with piercing eyes. The way he looks at her is penetrating but always feels angry. He fascinates her.

As Ingrid and her younger sister Gabby take it upon themselves to find their brother, they are led down a path of otherworldly revelations and dark truths that they can never turn back from…

Ooooh, The Beautiful and the Cursed was a good one, bibliophiles!!!

It has a creepy, frightening start that gave me a hopeful feeling of awesomeness that was happily sustained!

Of course, I adore the time period – and let’s be honest here, there’s a gleeful amount of attractive young men in this book. I mean, truly – the OPTIONS!!

But the primary thing I loved was the supernatural suspense, the thrilling action and surprises, the spunky but not overly unbelievable main characters, and the fact that this plot has not been done ten gazillion times!!!

The Beautiful and the Cursed is extremely appealing and different. It’s dark, eerie, atmospheric paranormal horror with twists, passionate romantic interludes and enigmas to entangle.


More reason to elate? The story doesn’t end here!

The Lovely and the Lost will follow-up on The Beautiful and the Cursed come 2014.

Do I want to wait? Of course not. Will I? Um, YEAH!

Check out The Beautiful and the Cursed – it’s not just hype!!!

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