Friday, July 18, 2014

The Lovely and the Lost

The Lovely and the Lost is a YA historical horror/paranormal novel and the follow-up to last year’s The Beautiful and the Cursed by Page Morgan.

To read the books in order, definitely lap up The Beautiful and the Cursed first, bibliophiles! I’d avoid this review, also, until you have done so.

Ingrid and Gabby Waverly have not had the quiet reprieve from London society gossip that they expected when they first came to France. Instead in 1900 Paris they’ve realized they are part of a dark, supernatural world – involving demons, gargoyles and angels.

Having only recently rescued Ingrid’s twin brother Grayson from the fallen angel Axia – only to find him changed and still very potentially dangerous – they had hoped that things would calm down for a spell.

Not likely.

The Waverly’s gargoyle Luc, one of the Dispossessed, is still being kept busy as a mysterious man has a special interest in Ingrid’s unique blood – and he is part of an organization that is known for doing anything to get what they want – with no regard for human life.

The Alliance has vowed to protect the Waverlys and another Dispossesed is to join Luc in the guarding of their abbey home – but will it be enough to keep them safe?

The Lovely and the Lost is a very good follow-up to The Beautiful and the Cursed. I really like the dark fantasy aspect and the new types of creatures Page Morgan provides us, as well as the continually atmospheric setting.

With scores of attractive young men and passionate romance including both forbidden love and love triangles, there is a lot going on – on top of the paranormal plot and goings on!

At times I did get a tad lost – I think a re-reading of The Beautiful and the Cursed would have been helpful – but I did continually enjoy the story. Sometimes the romance side of things was a little frustrating to me and I wasn’t as head-over-heels impressed as I was with The Beautiful and the Cursed.

Yet I still feel The Lovely and the Lost was very good – and I do want the next book, most definitely!

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