Friday, July 11, 2014

The Kill Order

The Kill Order is the YA dystopian horror prequel to James Dashner’s Maze Runner series.

I know I’ve taken my time on this one, a bit. After being very into The Maze Runner, then slightly less enchanted with The Scorch Trials and quite a bit irritated with The Death Cure – I became quite sure there was no need for me to reenter this world that had disappointed me.

Yet… here I am. And, I have to say, it was much better than I expected.

A brief synopsis, if you will:

When the sun flares hit the earth and the world as we know it changed forever – Mark and Trina were there.

Just as they’ve reached a point where survival seems to be getting a little easier – just when the horrifying memories of those early days of terror aren’t the only thing on their minds – it begins.

A disease that seems to mutate, change and worsen – a disease of the mind, causing rage and insanity – seems to be spreading across the landscape of what is left of the United States.

Hoping to find a cure, to survive yet again, Mark and Trina fight to stay alive…

The Kill Order is a creepy, suspenseful and action-packed prequel. It focuses on what I didn’t like about The Death Cure – this virus. Yet it managed to make me more accepting – and realize just how disturbing James Dashner manages to make it.

I did quickly come to care for Mark, Trina and their friends – and then all hell broke loose.

The Kill Order is violent, gory and most definitely a horror novel in the sense of people going bonkers in only the worst of ways. *shudders*

This is not a happy book by any means, but it is an interesting, good, quick read that put the Maze Runner series in a different perspective in my eyes.

I just wonder if I reread the books – now knowing how it would turn out – if I’d like the conclusion better. I don’t know.

But The Kill Order was certainly not boring and I do not regret reading it at all.

Plus, I now might be a tad more willing to try Dashner's new series...

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