Monday, July 21, 2014

How to Be Popular

How to Be Popular is a YA contemporary novel by Meg Cabot.

Yes, this is an older title – all the way back from 2006! Yet I haven’t gotten the opportunity to read it until now – and like I told y’all in my Stand-Out Books of 2013 post, this year is all about a mix of the old and new!

Steph Landry has spent the last five years of her life in her Indiana town as, essentially, a punch line.

One bad spill with a cherry Super Big Gulp and one extra mean girl equals, apparently, eternal scorn.

Well, as Steph enters the first week of her junior year, she’s ready to change all that.

Having found an old but helpful book called How to Be Popular, she knows she finally has a secret weapon. And she’s going to use it to break the five year streak of ridicule and instead become popular and attention worthy of one hot quarterback – Mark Finley.

Maybe this will mean a little less time for stargazing with her nerdy best friends Jason and Becca, but they will understand.

Won’t they?

How to Be Popular
was a ton of fun!!! I was able to read through it lightning fast, which is a common trend for me and Cabot books, I find.

Steph is edgy enough to keep How to Be Popular from being pure cotton candy fluff – it’s more like a delicious chocolate bar, maybe with almonds.

We get a fun, snarky heroine that has a goal that doesn’t make her unlikable – as she’s certainly not casting off her friends to do it. She just may be trying to be something she’s not… which is a relatable flaw.

It’s entertaining from the start with great secondary characters and excellent dialogue and narration – none of which is a surprise for me, considering how many Meg Cabot books I own.

How to Be Popular gives a good sense of a mid-west high school and provides a good dollop of romance on top of some good ol’ fashioned humor!

I very much enjoyed it and am pleased to have finally gotten to How to Be Popular!

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