Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Death Takes a Ride

Death Takes a Ride is the third book in the Christian humorous mystery series The Cate Kinkaid Files by Lorena McCourtney.

For your fullest enjoyment, I recommend read Dying to Read first and Dolled Up to Die second and THEN Death Takes a Ride.

There won’t be terrible spoilers in this review for the first two books, but I still recommend waiting until you’re caught up with the series!

On the crest of receiving her P. I. license, Cate should be feeling more capable than ever in her new career, right?

Well, when a non-job related task brings her to H & B Vintage Auto Repair one evening and the night ends with one man wounded and another dead, shot in self-defense… she really wonders.

But the case is cut and dry, no need for investigating on her end!

Or so she tells herself.

That is, until she digs a little deeper – the curse of the curious! – and starts to notice oddities that lead her to believe the shooting may not be so simple…

The Cate Kinkaid Files is a fun series that takes the concept of a cozy mystery and combines it with humor and an implicit, established Christian faith. Great combo!

Death Takes a Ride is another addition that provides chuckle worthy scenes and dialogue, not to mention charming, amusing first-person narration from an always likable heroine.

In Death Takes a Ride, the mystery itself isn’t as quirky as the two prior books – personally I prefer the quirky, after all I’m a superfan of shows like Pushing Daisies – yet it’s still entertaining.

I really like that leads and clues take work and effort on Cate’s part – that they don’t just fall in her lap. She does leg work and runs into a lot of dead ends. I appreciate that little dash of realism.

As always, Cate’s spunk is delightful but not outright reckless. Overall, a fun, fast-paced whodunit with a Christian protagonist.

My fear is that in most Christian series three seems to be the favorite number for a series. I really don’t want Death Takes a Ride to be the final book in this series – it’s fun, light-hearted and animal friendly!

Please provide more!!!

*I received a copy of Death Takes a Ride from the Baker Publishing Group. Their generosity in no way influenced, nor sought to influence, my opinion of the novel.

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This sounds like a nice light book. I'm going on vacation soon, and this sounds like the perfect book to read on the car trip!